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Good Friends Are Hard to Come By

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In my years of collecting records in manic OCD fashion (although not so much as of late, damn bills), I have always found myself calling my records “a good friend”… the most special and emotionally attached ones anyway. They were always there to calm me down, sooth the soul and mind, recognize reality and self-worth, appreciate things… but most importantly, how to love. And I think that records, just like any good friend, you not only accept them for their “skips”, “snap, crackle, pops” and the occasional wavy play back, but THEY accept you for your heavy hand (on the needle), the accidental needle drop OR drag, the accidental clumsy drop and of course the repeat listen of the same track 22 times… but like a good friend, you both get over it and no matter what, they still never let you down and they play what you want!

That being said, I would like to introduce to a “friend”… a side order of sorts… and had played along with one of the most impressionable sounds of our time during the 60’s. Noel Reddings time with Hendrix may have been short lived and enormous… and although it is TRUE life after Hendrix would never be the same for him (although when Noel played in “Road”… I thought that was another ground breaking play on emotion as well), even though his career fell short and small to many others, it played a bit a of different jive for me. Call it what you may, slaughter or slander if you must… But the first “Fat Mattress” was an incredible part of self re-assurance and the morphology from Hendrix to “Fat Mattress” was nothing short of genius and was a completely drug induced pysch/folky/rock movement. FOR ME talent is when you can (literary terms speaking) go from heavy creativity to selfless, creative writing and never say “OH WELL…. guess I’ll give up now, I tried!”

Trying is “tried” until you’ve completed your mission, whether or not you fail or succeed!

THUS… here we go… to the “magic forest” of the first “Fat Mattress”, S/T released in 1969 on Atco records!

Magic Forrest
Mr. Moonshine”
Everythings Blue


Back to Back… Rollin Just to Fall

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It’s been a bunch of days, too many to shamefully render myself now colorless I’m sure.

Right now, it’s later in the evening of the 10th, went to the neurologist today to figure out what was going on with my find out it’s really my neck. I have damage nerve endings from all the years of full contact fighting and cracking my neck. I also found out I have “vascular headaches” also know as “cluster headaches” which is a result of poor blood flow to brain, which anyone who knows me…ALREADY KNOWS… poor blood flow to MY brain in QUIT apparent!!…hehehehe..mmmm. SO I have to take Fiorcet, Medrol and have to get a Cortisone shot on Monday that is suppose to help reduce the disc compression to help heal my nerve endings and this picture below is a description of EXACTLY how my headaches feel. 


So since it’s been a while I bounced around ideas today… from one to the other. I was going to do a post on “sam the Sham” and then decided that I wanted to post a section on Catfish Hodge… but then changed my mind AGAIN because of my recent repetitive listening.

Tonight I am going to give you a fantastic selection that is a jazzy/ pysch/rock mastpiece. It’s really been helping me get through my days at work. An interesting foundation of music, intelligence and ferocity all bound together to produce this crazy, winding and insane sound of pure talent, founded by record producer Robert Fripp (lead guitar) . His recruiters consisted of a very dear friend of his, Michael Giles, who was the soul ground leveling master mind of the jazzy drum sets, which inevitably drove to the band to exactly just THAT. The rest of the intellect includes that of psychedelic jazz artist Ian McDonald (pipes, reeds, keys and vocs), Greg Lake (bass and also lead vocs) and Pete Sinfield (words and illuminations). A totally colorful collaboration of sound and monotony, released in 1969 on Alantic records, I share with you…”In the Court of the Crimson King”.

21st Century Schizoid Man
The Court of the Crimson King…

Rainy Day…. Makes Way

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So let’s talk 1969 (at 6:57am est), Savoy Brown right now since being inspired from few nights ago! A fun little sundae for your ears on this kinda depressing Saturday morning, awaiting the arrival of hurricane Hanna! As one of the early blues/pysch/ British rock band, they really pronounced a sound worth a lifetime, even though they received more stimulating encouragement from the US of A, then they did from their own country, they continued to press on to make face in the music industry. 1969 was actually the first year Savoy Brown would release two full length LP’s, both of which are just absolutely spectacular. This was also the year that they had hits, touching Billboard chart with their persuasive riffs. The first of the 1969 releases, “Blue Matter” is the LP I would like to introduce to you today.
“Blue Matter” (third consecutive LP) was released (each with different sleaves) on Deram (and also on Parrot) records in early 1969, shortly after recording and the release of (their 2nd album) “Getting To The Point”, released in 1968, also on Deram records. Although I have pretty much everything from “Blue Matter” to “Savage Return” (only missing Skin N Bone released in 1976), I still have yet to set my eyes on their first and second LP’s (“Shake Down” in 1967 and “Getting to the Point” in 1968). I suppose as my dad says…”Rare As Rice”, which I never got because rice isn’t all that rare?! I can drive down the street to get a bag of it, hehehe!!!!… Ok then, that was “off sides”!! Savoy’s sound was not only very distinctive and collaborative on many different levels, but genuine and plentiful. Even though going through some line-up changes periodically, they have pushed their talents through four decades, surviving the times and pressures of reinvention.
For me personally… it’s not just the smooth sound. It’s Chris Youlden’s voice…
Off to have breakfast with my mom and dad while my husband is at work!
Train To Nowhere
Louisiana Blues
Don’t Turn Me From Your Door
She’s Got A Ring In His Nose and a Ring On Her Hand

Super SCORE!

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Here’s a little present for your ears that I scored during my hiatus!

Now before I go into anything, I had been searching for this LP for a long time and never came across it. I suppose in the back of my head I figured that it was one of those LP’s that you quest for but take a lifetime to acquire.

So stumbling and scurrying between record stores and flea markets early last Sunday morn, my Husband and I quested off to visit our old friend, New Hope, PA. Now I love New Hope, there are so many cute little stores there! But anyway on our way up there we stopped at this flea market/antique store to buzz around and really just to dip our toes in fresh waters (even though we have been there 2 other times). I always like a newer, not as familiar place because sometimes going to the same old flea market weekend after weekend can feel a bit redundant.

At this time while we’re walking about (I have a sweatshirt on), the sun is crawling high and hotter into the breaking afternoon sky and the sweat is just DRIPPING off my face, down my back, under my boobs, down my ass crack and I’m starting to get a bit aggravated because I can’t even take off my sweatshirt because I forgot to shave my pits! We come across a few keepers that were within the isles that some vender’s had in stinky cardboard boxes, ON THE GROUND, but I need to be in the shade or the A/C, so I start making my way into the building part, which is actually the antique store.

While I am waiting for the sluggish Mr. Love, visually I start walking around the antique store when…BINGO… I lay eyes on this one music shop. Now, normally I try my VERY BEST to wait for my husband because he gets a little testy if I beat him to the punch on ANY record, which inevitably is a horrible thing when you both collect records because IN MY MIND… either way, ANYTHING we get comes to the same address and the same collection, so I don’t mind, BUT it drive him CRAZY!… In anycase I wondered over there all by my lonesome to check out this jazzy store. I skip the tapes and disc’s and just go right for the plastic boxes that held the vinyl and start picking through them.

The guys had a bunch of things there that I scored, but for me when I came across this LP, exuding the stench of yester-year… LITERALLY I almost fainted, because like I said, I just figured this was going to have to be an ebay purchase or something of that nature!

 give you “GUN”, their first, S/T LP released in 1969 on Epic records… and I can’t even describe tell you how much of a masterpiece this album truly is! A totally heavy, noisy, creative band that really (for me) highlighted the futility of the increasingly progressive British invasion!


Race With The Devil
Take Off
The Sad Saga of The Boy and The Bee

Totally AWESOME!!!

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it’s 10:52 est right now, I was just buzzing around the YouTube and found this TOTALLY hip video for Savoy Brown’s-“Train To Nowhere” off their third LP, “Blue Matter” released in 1969. I really love Savoy Brown, ESPECIALLY early S.Brown.

I think I am going to do a blog on Savoy Brown for tomorrow!

ENJOY… because it’s totally cool with old nostalgic photo’s and flyers!

She’s A Lover

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Things have been so ridiculous lately, even though oddly enough I have been staying in mostly good spirits… other then a few tears and a heart felt emotional break down that could have gone HAYWIRE if it wasn’t for a little convincing from a dear friend and my husband to realize that some people aren’t worth your time!

I need a bit of a pick me up here on this evening. I wasn’t going to write a post, but after rambling the halls of Lowes with my mother I became inspired by a favorite tune of mine! “She’s A Lover” is the name of the song… and the band, well you’ll find out in a minute or two, but first I feel the need to banter on for a second about some things.

Honestly, I can not put to any words or format to explain to anyone how truly horrible and miserable a certain women in my life is(and by far not my mother…cause she RULES). And with this careless notion to openly express “my opinion” of her…I banter on. She’s horrible and metals in everyones business. She hurts more feelings then I care to mention. Turning the cheek and biting her tongue would do nothing but devastate her empire of moral deconstruction! “Think before you speak” was the rule and ground of good teachings in my childhood life, as words cut deeper then any knife could and are irretrievable. Others, stake way to speak and never think. Manipulation is an evil game, based on preaching opinions and personalizing it into fact for her own self-worth, and she wins every round. But not this time… not this girl! She won’t break me down, but I will gladly watch her  stumble over her words and FINALLY admit to fault for once in her spindle webbed life…. I better stop it’s making me mad!

As my husband says “You can pick your friends, Not your family”..

Nothing so true, I’m just glad I have the family I have, and the family I picked (Mr. Love is the Man).

Anyway, sorry about that. Here’s a band that got alot of listening in my younger days. I remember being in the middle of the woods, in front a bonfire plugging this little number into the tape deck of my old friend Oscar’s 1986 Ford F150, recorded in the raw form of handheld recordable decks, from this LP of mine. I can almost still feel the fire and taste the bitter sweet after mouth of Mad Dog 20/20…followed by the desperation of a few NattyIce 12oz cans.

Released in 1970, on Rare Earth/Motown… I give you Parachute. A slimey, sexy pysch sound, worth moving yourself about to! Enjoy this treasure that I have been lugging around for years.

EDIT:: Although I have spent my entire life thinking the name of this band was “Parachute-Pretty Things”… I just…literally JUST found out that I am indeed VERY mistaken, and for the first time ever… I take back what I say. The name of the band is “The Pretty Things”… SORRY folks, thats what listening to something your whole life and never doing any complete investigations will do to you.

~~EMBARRASSING, to say the least~~ …. anyway, I still love “The Pretty Things” record, it has very sentimental value and has been a good friend for me for years.

She’s A Lover
Scene One
Miss Fay Regrets

A Repeat Listen… Nothing Less

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It’s kind of late right now, about 9:28pm est. The Husby and the boy are watching “MindFreak” (Ghosthunters intermittently)

But I have to kind of dedicate this here post to my gal pal JJB over at EyeEatMusic, for this notion takes place but a few months back when she herself wrote a segment on The Illusion.

I really don’t know all that much about these guys (I have been doing a bunch of reading in the last few days though), other than the fact that it is completely addictive and has been ruling my rides to and from work!

When she unintentionally, introduced me to The Illusion, I was actually fortunate to come across a copy of their first S/T (on Steed records released in 1969) at The Philadelphia Record Exchange in Philadelphia,PA and I actually forget which flea market I found their second record at (“Together” on Steed released late 1969).

But just about a week and a few days ago we were at the Collingswood flea market when I came across this masterpiece of a record! I knew I would love it, because I was so fond of the other two, but I never knew the absolute BIRTHDAY treat I would get! 

It’s there last LP (“If It’s So”), released on Steed in 1970. Again, I don’t really like to give the old “shuck and jive” line, so when I get my “checks and balances” squared away, I think I will elaborate on them further on another post!

Anyway, JJB to you… and to ME… for the awesome SCORE!… GOD I love record hunting! The kill is always so satisfying! OH and by the way, pardon my semi-poor seperation skills, the cuts run right into one another…. But here are the rockers off Side A!

The Man
Let’s Make Each Other Happy
When I Metcha Babe