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Here we go… diving off the board into the deep end

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OK folks… right now I am in a transitional phase with the whole blog thing… I am actually SLOWLY forwarding my writings over at my new blog site, which will be a permenent stop. As your going to see, I am actually going to be posting my OLD posts from here, along with my week to week description on my husbands and I journey through pregnancy (today 11/18/2008 makes us 13 weeks by the way..).


Now Unforunately I am going to have to delay this weeks describtion because I actually have now internet access at home because my router went bad and I am ceratinly writing this from my folks house… so I have limited time on this machine here. Right now I am waiting for Comcast to come to my house and replace the dang thing. SO be patient… and I promise you nothing but the best


Rainy Day…. Makes Way

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So let’s talk 1969 (at 6:57am est), Savoy Brown right now since being inspired from few nights ago! A fun little sundae for your ears on this kinda depressing Saturday morning, awaiting the arrival of hurricane Hanna! As one of the early blues/pysch/ British rock band, they really pronounced a sound worth a lifetime, even though they received more stimulating encouragement from the US of A, then they did from their own country, they continued to press on to make face in the music industry. 1969 was actually the first year Savoy Brown would release two full length LP’s, both of which are just absolutely spectacular. This was also the year that they had hits, touching Billboard chart with their persuasive riffs. The first of the 1969 releases, “Blue Matter” is the LP I would like to introduce to you today.
“Blue Matter” (third consecutive LP) was released (each with different sleaves) on Deram (and also on Parrot) records in early 1969, shortly after recording and the release of (their 2nd album) “Getting To The Point”, released in 1968, also on Deram records. Although I have pretty much everything from “Blue Matter” to “Savage Return” (only missing Skin N Bone released in 1976), I still have yet to set my eyes on their first and second LP’s (“Shake Down” in 1967 and “Getting to the Point” in 1968). I suppose as my dad says…”Rare As Rice”, which I never got because rice isn’t all that rare?! I can drive down the street to get a bag of it, hehehe!!!!… Ok then, that was “off sides”!! Savoy’s sound was not only very distinctive and collaborative on many different levels, but genuine and plentiful. Even though going through some line-up changes periodically, they have pushed their talents through four decades, surviving the times and pressures of reinvention.
For me personally… it’s not just the smooth sound. It’s Chris Youlden’s voice…
Off to have breakfast with my mom and dad while my husband is at work!
Train To Nowhere
Louisiana Blues
Don’t Turn Me From Your Door
She’s Got A Ring In His Nose and a Ring On Her Hand

Sisters of METAL!!

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It truelly is a beautiful Friday afternoon. The start to this day was gloomy with promises of rain, turned out…NO RAIN and plenty of sun. So on this day I share with you, as my best girlfriend, BUNGO shares the other half of this mix over at her hot spot blog. I first met this special gal… actually RIGHT before I got married at a VERY unfortunate event and we have been friends EVER since! Normally my musical conversation usually include me and GUYS, she actually was the first girl EVER that I ever met that could throw down music, and it’s definition like myself. So needless to say we share a love affair of sorts… we don’t need to touch each other to make love, because it is the mutual muscial taste that completes the affair. I am most PROUD to have earned a women after my own heart, not only in silent conversations, mindless chadder about vinyl, but life in general. CHEERS to you… my sister… sister of METAL!!!!

Have a good time with the “bad metal”…

 Legs Diamond – “Waiting”
Released in 1978 on Mercury, these guys never cease to amaze me. Vocalist Rick Sanford’s voice(always kinda reminded me of the fluting depth of Brian Talter’s vocs from NWOBHM band Diamond Head) is powerful and fierce giving true feelings to ALL his songs, no matter how glam or gay they may have ended up being.

 Motley Crue – “Live Wire”
Talk about a guilty pleasure… The Crue has ALWAYS been a guilty pleasure for me…just because, they have the balls to wear make-up and pull off looking like a hot chick pretty well. I would definitely do them if I was a guy!!…AND as a girl.  Yah, they put a “live wire” in my pantzzzzz!!! But any way, this cut is one of their more notable hits off their first LP, “Too Fast For Love” released in 1981 on Leathur records.

 Riot – “Storming The Gates of Hell”
Ok… I know, FOR MOST… that when “Riot” is mentioned.. “Fire Down Under”, “Swords In Tequila” come to mind. BUT this is actually NYC very own “Riot”, that I came across a few years back at a record convention with my husband IN NYC. They actually look like a bunch of long haired, pickle-smooching GOmo’s, but in all reality they are totally rippin and hardcore which was completely unexpected! The cut I give to you is off their 1990 release “The Privilege of Power” on CBS records. The history and lineage of the band is kind of unclear to me… my assumption is the confusion between the two (NWOBHM-Riot, NYC-Riot).

 Manowar – “Outlaw”
I know, I know… you hate Manowar too?! Well that’s fine with me I really don’t care who likes them, because I think Manowar RULES! Infact I would go out on a limb to say the Eric Adams is ONE of heavy metals top and loudest voices. Off their 8th release, released in 1996 on Geffen records, I donate a POWER CHORD called Outlaw. “I’m a Gambler, so bet on your life… you’ll never live to grow old”

 WASP – “Hellion”
Last but not least. I give you WASP. A band that stipulated plenty of controversy, even fell victim to the prosecution of that whole Tipper Gore ordeal in the early 80’s. I guess they thought big hair, spooky clothes, satanic showmenship and the crazy howling voice of Blackie Lawless was “too” much for our “precious” children to listen to… AHH who cares what that crazy, power hungry bitch said… I like WASP merely simply because they stood the test of time and the test of our government, and still continue to rock out! This jammy that I present to you is off their second release S/T, on Capitol records released in 1984.