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Good Friends Are Hard to Come By

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In my years of collecting records in manic OCD fashion (although not so much as of late, damn bills), I have always found myself calling my records “a good friend”… the most special and emotionally attached ones anyway. They were always there to calm me down, sooth the soul and mind, recognize reality and self-worth, appreciate things… but most importantly, how to love. And I think that records, just like any good friend, you not only accept them for their “skips”, “snap, crackle, pops” and the occasional wavy play back, but THEY accept you for your heavy hand (on the needle), the accidental needle drop OR drag, the accidental clumsy drop and of course the repeat listen of the same track 22 times… but like a good friend, you both get over it and no matter what, they still never let you down and they play what you want!

That being said, I would like to introduce to a “friend”… a side order of sorts… and had played along with one of the most impressionable sounds of our time during the 60’s. Noel Reddings time with Hendrix may have been short lived and enormous… and although it is TRUE life after Hendrix would never be the same for him (although when Noel played in “Road”… I thought that was another ground breaking play on emotion as well), even though his career fell short and small to many others, it played a bit a of different jive for me. Call it what you may, slaughter or slander if you must… But the first “Fat Mattress” was an incredible part of self re-assurance and the morphology from Hendrix to “Fat Mattress” was nothing short of genius and was a completely drug induced pysch/folky/rock movement. FOR ME talent is when you can (literary terms speaking) go from heavy creativity to selfless, creative writing and never say “OH WELL…. guess I’ll give up now, I tried!”

Trying is “tried” until you’ve completed your mission, whether or not you fail or succeed!

THUS… here we go… to the “magic forest” of the first “Fat Mattress”, S/T released in 1969 on Atco records!

Magic Forrest
Mr. Moonshine”
Everythings Blue


The Stone Poneys

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I am feeling a little sulky today, I really don’t know why, but I seem to feel a burden of stress weighing down on me!

I suppose this is all part of life, you know what they say!

“LIFE’S GAME:: It’s not always about winning the game, it’s about not for-fitting and not losing. Life about staying IN the game”

OH WELL, right now I give you a fancy folk piece that I always loved, merely because I have ALWAYS been a fan of Linda Ronstadt’s perpetual voice!

This was not only the Stone Poneys first project (released in 1967, S/T on Capitol) but it was also L. Ronstadts’ first group, which end up being a massive success for the folk/rock group …but ironically enough it also drove a super success train her way too! By 1968 after the release of their third album (Stone Poneys and Friends Vol. III-and VERY underrated I must say) a balance of inconsistencies and outside desires made way for the bands demise, and Linda would pull out gracfully and took a stab at her own solo career in 1970 with the release of “Hand Sown” which is another perfect peppy LP! But in any case here are a few off this “pick me up” record!

Just a Little Bit Of Rain

Train and The River

Sweet Summer Blue and Gold

Again with the salty!!!!

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I have to say that this weather, in Jersey is the craziest weather ever!, Saturday was supposed to rain pretty hard…. and ended up being a REALLY beautiful day… I think it reached about 75, and yesterday it was an all-around crappy day (What a nice job those weather men have….they get paid to GUESS)!

I was initially going to write about a TOTALLY rippin’ group, Cloven Hoof (one of my favorite under rated early 80’s british metal bands) , but that’s going to have to wait for another day this week, because this grey, calming sky I have to stare at again today, is making me in the mood for some Wishbone Ash…. SO, that’s what your going to get!

~Wishbone Ash~

Let’s go back to 1970, their first, and I think, their hungriest album (Self Titled 1970 on MCA). This record was always a good listen on a rainy day, I not so sure why, but it just seemed to flow right with the mood of a misty grey sky.


And before I get going off to work on this day, Let me just tell you really fast that although these guys (Ted Turner, Martin Turner, Andy Powell, Steve Upton) didn’t reach the “rock N roll” popularity of some other bands (I don’t think I really have to mention them…. IT WAS 1970…), because they weren’t so much just rock N roll, they were a little folky, sometimes a little heavy, and other times classically rocky… I don’t really know what to make of them, they are kinda like a coaster ride…. But I enjoy them….

On the other hand, I do have a fun fact for you.

Fun Fact:  Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow…) actually helped seal a deal with MCA record producer Derek Lawrence, after jamming with the guys! Wishbone actually stayed with MCA until mid 1976, then signing to Atlantic on Locked IN (a NOT so favorite album)….BUT then return again to MCA that same year, and remained on MCA until about 1980,1981…..

Pretty crazy right…. I know everytime I look at their records…. I think of Ritchie!

Ok it’s off to work I go…. enjoy these picks… on yet ANOTHER dirty jersey day!… see you later!

Wishbone Ash-Queen of Torture
Wishbone Ash-Error of my Ways
Wishbone Ash-Lady Whiskey

No Respect!!!!!

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I have to say, it feels GOOD to be back!

It’s been awhile since I wrote anything because my computer ended up being engorged by a Trojan virus, so I had to TOTALLY revamp the whole thing!

And since I am feeling a little gitty at the moment, and I think everyone needs a good laugh from time to time…. so I figured that I would turn you on to ONE of my ALL TIME favorite comedians!

~Rodney Dangerfield~

Dangerfield was born in 1921, as Jacob Cohen…. and years passing altering his stage name a few times…finally sticking with the name that we all grew to know and love. Anyone who is has ever heard him, knows and LOVES the slap-stick, self insulting sarcastic puns, whether it was on himself, or his family!…

Rodney played in MANY movies…. merely putting me in stitches every-time… and like every artist that is nothing less then a genius, he passed away 10/5/2004 during major heart surgery!

So let me just cut right to the chase, so you can have a few laughs….

The exerpt I will be sharing with you are off his 1980 (on Casablanca) live record, infamously named…. “No Respect”! 

R.I.P. my funny little buddy!!!!!!

“I’m dead and I still can’t get no respect. Why the other day, a homeless guy wanders into this place and pisses all over my grave. So I yell at him but he’s so stinking drunk, he takes a few steps and passes out right on top of Jack Lemmon’s grave. I tell ya, life must be getting really tough up there. But it still ain’t as tough as it is down here. Let me tell ya, death ain’t no party buddy. The best part about being dead is that I’m constantly meeting people I used to know when I was back up on top. Then there are those people that you don’t want to run into while you’re down here. I ran into my former agent down here. It turns out that he’s been shacking up with my wife down here while I was still up on top. He tells me it’s over now and that I can have her back. I ain’t mad at the poor guy for shacking up with my wife, I mean she was never all that pretty when she was alive, but now, I mean she’s so ugly the worms won’t even get near her. I asked her, honey, what happen to you? Ya get run over by a truck or what? Turns out that she did. That’s how she wound up down here and now I’m stuck with her. I tell ya, I just can’t get no respect.”   ~Rodney Dangerfield~

Get ready to LAUGH!…enjoy!

(there use to be an exerpt here….BUT, I had to remove it…SORRY GUY’s)

This summer I swam in a public place…

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~Loudon Wainwright~

 I was introduced to Loudon a few years back, by my dearest of friends, Jen Bungo aka JJB, when I was on her myspace page, in the blog section, and I heard this REALLY fancy folky song playing, that I had to ask, because I had never heard ANYTHING quite like it before….. And that’s when should told me who it was and that following Christmas she had bought me the album (Attempted Mustache) from which that particular song was from… And it is still perfect from start to finish, every time!

Well, Louden Wainwright was raised in Westchester, NY, which my mother and I have to drive through every year when we go to Buffalo, NY (HATE the drive, but love the scenery), and inspired by Bob Dylan, started his singing/songwriting in the late 60’s, and release his first album in 1970 (Self Title on Atlanic), followed by his second and third albums, simply named “Album ll, and Album lll” (Album lll on Columbia, which I also own, was commonly known for the 1972 hit “Dead Skunk” which I love because it’s such an ironically colorful song based on the demise of a stinky skunk in the middle of the road). He released “Attempted Mustache” in 1973 on Columbia, which even though I LOVE the third album, I suppose that the sentimental value of “Attempted Mustache” makes it better then it already is.

On top of releasing a number of records from 1970, and is still releasing records presently, Loudon also played some small end roll in films like “40 year old Virgin” (as the priest), “Knocked Up” (as Dr. Howard…I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE!), and also a few TV programs, one of which is STILL my favorite, “Grounded for Life”, also “M*A*S*H” and even the LAME- “Ally McBeal”.

Here are a few track below, and I hope you enjoy his crazy, fundamental lyrics and music as much as I do!

Loudon Wainwright lll – The Swimming Song

Loudon Wainwright lll – A.M. World

Loudon Wainwright lll – Clockwork Chartreuse