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Good Friends Are Hard to Come By

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In my years of collecting records in manic OCD fashion (although not so much as of late, damn bills), I have always found myself calling my records “a good friend”… the most special and emotionally attached ones anyway. They were always there to calm me down, sooth the soul and mind, recognize reality and self-worth, appreciate things… but most importantly, how to love. And I think that records, just like any good friend, you not only accept them for their “skips”, “snap, crackle, pops” and the occasional wavy play back, but THEY accept you for your heavy hand (on the needle), the accidental needle drop OR drag, the accidental clumsy drop and of course the repeat listen of the same track 22 times… but like a good friend, you both get over it and no matter what, they still never let you down and they play what you want!

That being said, I would like to introduce to a “friend”… a side order of sorts… and had played along with one of the most impressionable sounds of our time during the 60’s. Noel Reddings time with Hendrix may have been short lived and enormous… and although it is TRUE life after Hendrix would never be the same for him (although when Noel played in “Road”… I thought that was another ground breaking play on emotion as well), even though his career fell short and small to many others, it played a bit a of different jive for me. Call it what you may, slaughter or slander if you must… But the first “Fat Mattress” was an incredible part of self re-assurance and the morphology from Hendrix to “Fat Mattress” was nothing short of genius and was a completely drug induced pysch/folky/rock movement. FOR ME talent is when you can (literary terms speaking) go from heavy creativity to selfless, creative writing and never say “OH WELL…. guess I’ll give up now, I tried!”

Trying is “tried” until you’ve completed your mission, whether or not you fail or succeed!

THUS… here we go… to the “magic forest” of the first “Fat Mattress”, S/T released in 1969 on Atco records!

Magic Forrest
Mr. Moonshine”
Everythings Blue


Give Me a Moment

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I know I promised a few days a spectacular treats for yesterday, but I was pretty busy and ended up getting caught up in a tangled web of misunderstandings and undeveloped priorities!

SOOO, in leu of the Metal Masters Tour that my family and I attended Saturday, I have to say that EVERYONE kicked ass, Motorhead RULED. Black Sabbath always has a superior and consistently powerful repor with the audience! Judas Priest definitely stole the show for my husband. Although I have to say, that I went thinking I was going to see Sabbath (again) and unlike the last time we saw Sabbath with Dio, every band was consistent and flawless!

Every song was a metal masterpiece!

Back to the daily grind, here at this place I suppose I call work. Busy as usual and too much for one gal to handle!

I suppose that I will start my musical banter on Robin Trower’s first band, “Procol Harum”. This particular LP that I give to you today is their first, S/T LP on Regal Zonophone Records released in 1967. It is my understanding, through articles over the internet that their line-up changes were neither here nor there and just like the weather, it was circulating all the time. For this LP… we have Gary Brooker on keys and vocs (although Keith Reid wrote all the songs), Robin Trower on lead git, B.J. Wilson on drums, Dave Knights on bass and Matthew Fisher also on keys/organ.

I can see why not too many found fond of Procol’s music, especially after Trower left in 1972 (which by that time he was well on his way to “his solo career” in 1973). I kind of fell victim to the same thing myself! I was really unimpressed at first, but after a few repeat listens…. I changed my mind, because actually, talent exudes from them. Honestly enough they aren’t one of my “all time favorites”… but worthy enough to make it to the iTouch!


A Christmas Camel

She Wandered Through a Garden Fence

A Repeat Listen… Nothing Less

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It’s kind of late right now, about 9:28pm est. The Husby and the boy are watching “MindFreak” (Ghosthunters intermittently)

But I have to kind of dedicate this here post to my gal pal JJB over at EyeEatMusic, for this notion takes place but a few months back when she herself wrote a segment on The Illusion.

I really don’t know all that much about these guys (I have been doing a bunch of reading in the last few days though), other than the fact that it is completely addictive and has been ruling my rides to and from work!

When she unintentionally, introduced me to The Illusion, I was actually fortunate to come across a copy of their first S/T (on Steed records released in 1969) at The Philadelphia Record Exchange in Philadelphia,PA and I actually forget which flea market I found their second record at (“Together” on Steed released late 1969).

But just about a week and a few days ago we were at the Collingswood flea market when I came across this masterpiece of a record! I knew I would love it, because I was so fond of the other two, but I never knew the absolute BIRTHDAY treat I would get! 

It’s there last LP (“If It’s So”), released on Steed in 1970. Again, I don’t really like to give the old “shuck and jive” line, so when I get my “checks and balances” squared away, I think I will elaborate on them further on another post!

Anyway, JJB to you… and to ME… for the awesome SCORE!… GOD I love record hunting! The kill is always so satisfying! OH and by the way, pardon my semi-poor seperation skills, the cuts run right into one another…. But here are the rockers off Side A!

The Man
Let’s Make Each Other Happy
When I Metcha Babe

Sighs of Relief, A Nap in the Park

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Well the weekend is over, and yet another work week begins… drowning me in work that’s not always easy to come up… “on top” with.

Before I get started, this is actually one of like three covers I have seen for this LP, the one I own has like a greenish hue to it, and I have ALSO seen a third cover that has a brownish hue to it…

I’m not going to really go into “SO MUCH” detail about Robin Trower, because I am at work on this crazy Monday afternoon, as I said up top….

So in short…

I was introduced to Trower a little later in life and personally, in my opinion…he could very well be the WHITE Jimi Hendrix! Well since this phone won’t stop ringing today, really fast, here it goes… are you ready…

I give you Trower, post Procol Harum, which he was the git player for from 1967 to 1972, then set onto a personal quest to enunciate his own musical freedom as a musician. Turning to his own solo project, bringing with him, Reg Isidore on drums and James Dewar on bass and lead vocs releasing their first studio album in 1973 (Twice Removed From Yesterday on Chrysalis), which leads me to the end of MY dock where THIS ship has sailed for this afternoon…

It’s 1974 and the release of Trower’s second LP (Bridge of Sighs again on Chrysalis), which may not only be his most notable album, but one of his very best as well!

I love this album because it is perfect from start to finish, although I happen to think that Twice Removed From Yesterday  is pretty perfect too… but this one I might just have to give it a THIRD “thumbs up”…

I hate to cut this one short, but I am sure I will be on this topic again!!! BUT in the mean while ENJOY!!!

Day Of The Eagle

Lady Love

The Fool And Me

**EDIT: I actually DID write this on Monday, but thanks to the wonderful world of Divshare and it’s inability to let me get into my account…. has prolonged my posts…**