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So You Think Drugs Are Cool Huh?

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Just because something really funny happened this weekend with my husband. The song has nothing to do with what happened. It was a “You Had To Be There” kinda thing.

I think we all can attest to having friends in our lives that find jolly to pushing the envelope when it comes to “chemical enhancement”, whether it be pills, the whitey, dope, etc. I know I always think about them and wonder to myself… “Why~WHY would you REALLY want to be high, outside your mind constantly”  as they use them habitually until they loose everything good in their lives, including their own self worth.

Makes me sad for my friends, happy that I’m not part of that stereotypical foothold.

A story about just that, a friend telling a friend that drugs are NO. GOOD. BUCKO.! Of course the friend doesn’t listen to anything other then the addiction… and of course you know what happens when you drive a car with no brakes… the crash is inevitable!

Off their second LP(Boogie with Canned Heat), released in 1968 on Liberty records…a guaranteed ass shaker, Lady & Gentlemen.. “Canned Heat”~

Amphetamine Annie


They’ll Tell You Black is Really White… The Moon Is Just The Sun At Night

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We all know how much I am completely IN LOVE with Ronnie James Dio. His vocal capabilites are completely effortless and charming. So… in homage… here’s to my little friend!

Black Sabbath is one of those bands, that will “Never Say Die” and never “Die Young”. Super timeless and relevant for ages.

Sabbath can most definitely be grandfathered in as the corner stone to heavy metal, doom metal. Dawning since the extinction of dinosaurs, Black Sabbath has been ruling every ones life since 1970. Originally piloted by singer Ozzy Osbourne, bassist Geezer Butler, drummer Bill Ward and of course the 25 (but really 7 1/2 fingers) finger wonder… Tony Iommi RULING lead strings!! Now before I give you my pick of the litter for this day, let me just brief you on Sabbath before Ronnie James Dio took Ozzy’s mic!

When Sabbath first originated, they brought this doomy sound to the studio and stage that had been lingering on the way side for years, just weening to be set free and set this forever irreplaceable sound to heavy metal as we know it. Releasing eight full length LP before the year 1980 (Black Sabbath-1970, Paranoid late 1970, Master of Reality-1971, Black Sabbath Volume 4-1972, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath-1973, Sabotage-1975, Technical Ecstasy-1976 and Never Say Die-1978). As we all can see from his behavior now, Ozzy Osbourne had always had a struggle with his battle for substance abuse, which would forever haunt his career in Sabbath, his solo career and even his family life. Sadly most of his songs if you tune in closely are truly about his own personal struggles and vendetta’s in his downward spiraling lifestyle.

Mid 1979, after countless times of bad, toxic, maligant blood being spilt upon the round table of these heavy metal Lords, Ozzy’s addictions and lack of desire to come up with new ideas had become the entire bands issue and was pushing everyone apart. Ozzy was then asked to leave so that he could seek the help that he needed and Sabbath could try and rebuild this already shaky foundation.

Unfortunately, most people think I have this vendetta against Ozzy. I DON’T, I truly believe he was ahead of his time vocally, I just think his flamed fizzled down merely because of his own issues and now-a-days… He is really nothing more then a hack trying to make up for last time.

In any case, later 1979 the guys were introduced to Rainbow singer Ronnie James Dio to replace Ozzy position as front man. A familiar man to them, it was an honor to say the least for these handsome heavy metal heroes. Recording their first LP with Dio and releasing it in 1980 (on WB records), “Heaven and Hell“(Black Sabbath’s 9th release) would reface and reinstate the face of Black Sabbath, creating something that Ozzy just couldn’t bring back. Dio went on to record three more records(Mob Rules in 1981, Live Evil in 1982 and finally inbetween his solo career he came back again to release Dehumanizer in 1992)  with Sabbath before he finally left to pursue his solo career full time.

Dio has now found his way back to Sabbath, touring in 2007 and in 2008 (both were super fantastic shows) and still sounds just as powerful as ever. Under the circumstances that Sharon Osbourne owns the rights to Black Sabbath… they now tour as (fitting) “Heaven and Hell“, but they are still the same old heavy metal gods, same old great heavy sound.

Neon Knights
Heaven And Hell
Die Young

Had To Cry Today

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Here’s a little number that took me back to 1997, stuck in a bedroom with no where to go and a bag of mushrooms, a few beers and a friend that I can’t seem to find way to locate these days. I’m thinking she fell off the face of the planet. I remember being in a heep of trouble with my mom and dad and decided that staying away from home for a few days would help smooth over a bad situation (even though it made it worse).

As I said, it was 1997, I was 16 and quite the rebel. I had been out partying with my pal Marian, who always seemed to be on the same page as myself, musically, mentally and emotionally. My parents had caught me sneaking out late at night and sneaking boys IN late at night. I guess in my head, I thought this was a never ending gateway to “cool” and based on my actions my folks found it very hard to bed down most nights because of my crazy antics. But anyway getting back to my “Blind Faith” story…

After all the games I had being playing, I figured that strolling away for a few days was for the best. Marian and I had plans one night to buy a bag a shrooms and eat them all, drink beers and just spin records and TRIPP face!! This is also when I decided again the whole “Pink Floyd is the best to listen to” when your trippin’, WASN’T…. because I AM TELLING YOU, Pink Floyd is the SCARIEST to spin down when your messed up on hallucinogens. Twenty minutes of crazy, wavy music by the likes of PF was enough for me… and I went stumbling over the the pile of records we picked out for spinning that faithful evening (Pink Floyd-The Wall, Led Zepplin-S/T, Uriah Heep-Demons and Wizards, Joni Mitchell-Clouds, West/Bruce/Laing-Live n Kickin, Black Sabbath-Master of Reality, Love-DaCapo, Blind Faith-Blind Faith, Metallica-Master of Puppets, Deep Purple-Machine Head and In Rock, Trouble-The Skull, Alice Cooper-Pretties For You… and a hand full of others that I can’t seem to recall. Must have been the shrooms) and plucked out the Blind Faith LP looking to replace the prior press that was currently making NUTTS.

This was actually the first time I had ever heard Blind Faith before, quickly to find out that everyone in the band was a musical hero in one fashion or another. Blind Faith-S/T was released in 1969 on Atco and produces such a rich, super-tone sound by the likes of Ginger Baker ( of Cream), Eric Clapton (also of Cream and of course the Yardbirds), Ric  Grech(of the underappriated and short lived band Family and another soon on the “post list”) and of course Steve Winwood (Traffic and The Spencer Davis Group). I remember how full I felt after listening to it and thinking that it could have NEVER sounded any better after that! Well, to say the least, it never sounded BETTER sober and has been a favorite for me for about 10 years now.

Emjoy the spins below, some of them may jump needle because both pressings that I have are a RECK. I never took good care of my vinyl till I got older, so it is what it is!

Had To Cry Today
Cant Find My Way Home
Well All Right