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They Got The Tools

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Totally love these guys!… From their HBO series…Tenacious D-Double Team


Design Amongst Disaster

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Here is a creative, funny and talented duo who’s character not only can I never seem to pinpoint, but I can never seem to find the right words to describe the two.

I am sure most of you who are familiar with Flo (Mark Volman) and Eddie (Howard Kaylan), remember them from being members of        The Turtles…. BUT like anything else in life, nothing lasts forever as the Turtles found themselves yet another decedent of rock N roll music, ACCEPT oddly enough… a friendship, kinship and partnership that lead these crazy guys into…. well infamy I suppose!


The funny thing to ME about these guys is really their association with their career… are you ready to TRY and pick up what I am about to lay down???

If I confuse you IN ANYWAY shape or form, or leave something out let me know, because even I get a little lost with these two! 

SOOooo, after leaving the Turtles, Volman and Kaylan found themselves rendering into the musical creativity with the likes of ALSO CRAZY, all over the place and mentally distorted group of Frank Zappa‘s, the “Mothers of Invention” during the “200 Motel” era…Frank Z. also renamed the duo “The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie”. After falling short of desire and demand, Flo & Eddie incidentally, not only found a creative punch line with Zappa, but also joined Marc Bolan’s band     T. Rex for a short while!

The two funny men made this rant on navigating amongst the three musical titans seem almost effortless as they blessed many (Cooper, Blondie, Zappa, T. Rex, Lennon and more that I can’t even think of) with their rich and noble ideas, which ironically enough had become a diamond amongst stones in their musical journey. 

EVEN though I am half tempted to give you their third release “Illegal, Immoral and Fattening” released on Columbia in 1975 just because it features Marc Bolan, Frank Zappa, Lennon… BUT I PROMISE I will definitely let you hear it another day… But I am not going to because the record I give to you today, is their second release… S/T released in 1973 on Reprise as their “own” act… very talented, totally great and addictive!!!

Have fun with this one!!!

Best Part Of Breakin Up
You’re Lady
Another Popstar’s Life


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I have offically been trying to post blogs for the last two days… but something seems to be wrong with Divshare…stupid ass thing, ANYWAY… JUST for fun, and it’s a FAVORITE of mine.. here is a Family Guy clip to UPLIFT things over here in the SandyLove blog world!!!!

I guess alll I can do is keep trying to post them!!!


7 Words You Can Never Say… …

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For those of you who haven’t heard the news yet, Sunday we lost not only a hero to comedy, but a man who lived to push the envelope with every opportunity that would arise!!

R.I.P. ~George Carlin 1937-2008~

I learned early yesterday morning that George Carlin died Sunday of heart failure at the age 71. It’s really sad because the last HBO special that he had performed, my husband even said “This is got to be cutting it close as far as his live performances are concerned huh…don’t ya think?”… who would have thought it would have been so soon after.Well…. now it’s his time to make the good Lord have a laugh!

Here’s a little clip of his 2008 HBO special from Trenton, NJ

When I was a kid, I wasn’t really allowed to listen to Carlin because of how sassy his mouth was, but later in life I really got into him. I know I said it a bunch of times already, but comedy was such a HUGE part of my life, and I suppose that was why when I got a bit older… I HAD to get into George, because he always had a wittiness about him that was UNCANNY.. and perpetual. A genius with words and arguments. His ability to make you question everything that you believed in and grew to know as “fact”, was nothing less then just pure relevance to open-mindedness. George knew how to “stick it to the man”, while at the same time make “the man” (who ever it may have been) feel like… he could laugh at himself, but also like he just walked out of a therapy session!… And I don’t really care what anyone says…funny man or not, George Carlin knew how to make you feel spiritually complete again!!!!

The piece I will be giving you tonight in homage to G. Carlin is off his live LP in 1972 on Little David records(my 1st G.Carlin record ever), called “Class Clown”. The following excerpt includes stints on Catholic Confessionals, Muhammad Ali, Seven words you can never say on TV… and a few more…but in any-case… laugh in remembrance of one of the smartest comedians of our time!!!!

SIDE B” of Class Clown

When I Was A Kid

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OK well I think we all remember being a youngster, more times then not. That’s why I feel like giving you something to laugh about… let’s just hope I don’t have to remove the excerpt, like I had to do for my Dangerfield post (damn lawyers, and their greediness…HE’S DEAD FOR GODSAKE)!!

But Bill Cosby is the man, he always makes me laugh… I remember as a kid my folks used to sit us down in front of the boob tube to watch him!

~Bill Cosby – When I Was A Kid~

Now see from time to time I like to write about comedy, because comedy “stints” were a HUGE thing for my family, we always watched and listened to comedy… and growing up in the church, I suppose that comedy was one of the few things that my father felt was an appropriate family activity. Even though comedy, was fun to watch and listen too, I don’t think my parents really realized how riskay comedians really were, well they probably did, they just didn’t think  we were pickin’ up what they were putting down…. ohhhhhhhhhhh but we WERE!!!

I got  little older (probably about 12-13) and I will NEVER forget when my mother thought it would be a good “mother/daughter” afternoon, watching “Up In Smoke” and I will never EVER forget how funny it was and then… my dad walked in on the part where Cheech and Chong or powdering their faces with dildo powder bottles… and he was like “WHAT THE HELLLLLLLLLLLL ARE YOU LETTING HER WATCH!!!!!”… needless to say it was instantly turned (for a later date to be completed,thanks mom for making me laugh my ass off)!!!

But Bill, he was always so goog at bringing me back into… well into a child like state of mind, always talking about his childhood, and as he got older he would always talk about HIS kids!!! One of these days, I will have to turn you onto some of his REALLY early stuff that I have… it’s just as funny!!!!

Well have a laugh on me!!!

Side B of When I Was A Kid

No Respect!!!!!

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I have to say, it feels GOOD to be back!

It’s been awhile since I wrote anything because my computer ended up being engorged by a Trojan virus, so I had to TOTALLY revamp the whole thing!

And since I am feeling a little gitty at the moment, and I think everyone needs a good laugh from time to time…. so I figured that I would turn you on to ONE of my ALL TIME favorite comedians!

~Rodney Dangerfield~

Dangerfield was born in 1921, as Jacob Cohen…. and years passing altering his stage name a few times…finally sticking with the name that we all grew to know and love. Anyone who is has ever heard him, knows and LOVES the slap-stick, self insulting sarcastic puns, whether it was on himself, or his family!…

Rodney played in MANY movies…. merely putting me in stitches every-time… and like every artist that is nothing less then a genius, he passed away 10/5/2004 during major heart surgery!

So let me just cut right to the chase, so you can have a few laughs….

The exerpt I will be sharing with you are off his 1980 (on Casablanca) live record, infamously named…. “No Respect”! 

R.I.P. my funny little buddy!!!!!!

“I’m dead and I still can’t get no respect. Why the other day, a homeless guy wanders into this place and pisses all over my grave. So I yell at him but he’s so stinking drunk, he takes a few steps and passes out right on top of Jack Lemmon’s grave. I tell ya, life must be getting really tough up there. But it still ain’t as tough as it is down here. Let me tell ya, death ain’t no party buddy. The best part about being dead is that I’m constantly meeting people I used to know when I was back up on top. Then there are those people that you don’t want to run into while you’re down here. I ran into my former agent down here. It turns out that he’s been shacking up with my wife down here while I was still up on top. He tells me it’s over now and that I can have her back. I ain’t mad at the poor guy for shacking up with my wife, I mean she was never all that pretty when she was alive, but now, I mean she’s so ugly the worms won’t even get near her. I asked her, honey, what happen to you? Ya get run over by a truck or what? Turns out that she did. That’s how she wound up down here and now I’m stuck with her. I tell ya, I just can’t get no respect.”   ~Rodney Dangerfield~

Get ready to LAUGH!…enjoy!

(there use to be an exerpt here….BUT, I had to remove it…SORRY GUY’s)