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Here we go… diving off the board into the deep end

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OK folks… right now I am in a transitional phase with the whole blog thing… I am actually SLOWLY forwarding my writings over at my new blog site, which will be a permenent stop. As your going to see, I am actually going to be posting my OLD posts from here, along with my week to week description on my husbands and I journey through pregnancy (today 11/18/2008 makes us 13 weeks by the way..).


Now Unforunately I am going to have to delay this weeks describtion because I actually have now internet access at home because my router went bad and I am ceratinly writing this from my folks house… so I have limited time on this machine here. Right now I am waiting for Comcast to come to my house and replace the dang thing. SO be patient… and I promise you nothing but the best


Something, Something Darkside

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Welcome back to school for all you kids and teachers!!

I hate to have to do this to everyone, but today there will be no music post, I think I may have a virus in my computer… not so sure that is because is an unsecure sight or not, but either way I am going to have to dig deep into my hard drive to pull it out…

so give me a day or two to square this out… ENJOY!

Day 5 of 5

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I sure wish this humidity would slice down a bit thinner, you don’t even have to be in the sun, and you’re sweating you titties off!

SO here it is, day 5 of my consecutive stoner rock bloggy!

Last be certainly not least … … Fu Manchu!!!

I absolutely love “The Fu” (as I call them)! Definitely worth saving for the end!

Now, in all admittance I didn’t completely start getting into stoner rock until about my junior year in high school because I was pretty close minded about opening my horizons to the term “music” itself. I knew about rock N roll, early heavy metal and very little (VERY LITTLE) about thrash and speed metal and that was really it! It wasn’t until I met my husband that started learning about thrash, punk, hardcore and mid 80’s metal (hair metal)!

My first time ever listening to The Fu, again was my junior year and… to this particular LP I am posting today too! Although it actually isn’t my favorite (“The Action is Go” released in 1997 on Mammoth is my favorite), I felt it was important to spill out the personal sentimental value that it has for me!

ACTUALLY, the funny thing about Fu Manchu is that (aforementioned) the band shares a likeness to drummer Brant Bjork, who first played with Kyuss. I had never known this of course, because I had not yet gave Kyuss a listen (even though I had heard OF THEM). Later that same year I had eventually got to know the likes of Kyuss and that’s when an old friend (not gonna mention that bitches name: Karen) told me how Brant Bjork was originally in Kyuss, but had left to join the Fu in 1996. Brant eventually left the Fu as well in 2002 right after they released “California Crossing” (on Mammoth). I actually gave up on the Fu when Brant left… and haven’t gave much listen to their more recent stuff! But getting off the whole Brant Bjork story (you should definitely check out his Kyuss, Fu days… because it really made for an interesting solo career). The Fu in a whole, had become really popular, their music spreading from videos to games and movies to skate and surf competitions and now a days even car comericals!

Well here you go, a career well worth their merit. I give you Fu Manchu, their 6th full length LP on Mammoth released in 1999, “King of the Road”

No Dice

Day 4 of 5

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Good afternoon yuppies!

And then there was Kyuss. A great addition to our stoner rock history! Started in 1989, by John Garcia (vocs),originally naming the band “Sons of Kyuss”(and only release 1 EP under that name). Come 1991 regressing their name to just plain old “Kyuss” after replacing Chris Cockrell for Nick Oliveri to play bass!

Now their time line of line-up changes falls short in my mind currently, but I’m sure it’s something you browse about over the web, but what I do know is that talent just poured out of the band and not only reflected on their fans, but their records too, I mean I think every one of their LP are killer and iPod worthy.

Unfortunately, they had a heavy break-up, Kyuss released something like 5 albums before their forseen ending.

I give you one of my favorite Kyuss LP (Blues For The Red Sun) released in 1992 on Dali records. Their 3rd release, but only second full length as “Kyuss”.

 I am sure most of you who know Kyuss or know of Kyuss are familiar with the branching that stemmed off their genius.

Josh Homme and Alfredo Hernandez went on to create the ever so popular “Queens Of The Stone Age” (not so much for me ironically enough). Brant Bjork(I love this guy) ventured onto “Fu Manchu” and then his own solo career. “Slo Burn“, another unfortunate(they kicked ass) early demise created by Kyuss frontman John Garcia!

Well kids, it’s laundry day in the Loves house this afternoon… so it’s off with me, check you tomorrow!

Freedom Run
Green Machine
Thong Song

Day 3 of 5 (Divshare Blows)

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Can I start off by saying how much Divshare has really been more of a hindrance then a help lately! I know I have gone on about this before so I am not going to say anything more!

My birthday came and went really fast this year, but I must say that my husband got me…. Let me tell you the whole story (it’s a quick one) first! I had been telling my husband for months now, since I bought him his new iPod nano that I had wanted one!! A few times I actually almost bought my own but between him and my friend JJB telling me to have “patience”, I waited and waited! I got home from work on Saturday/my birthday and wanted to open my present, so I could hold my very own Nano in MY hands!!! Blah, blah blah…long story short he gives me my gift bag and instantly the weight of the bag is too heavy so now I know right then and there all bets are off, because it’s much to heavy to be a Nano!!

Open the bag: BING-BONG… my husband got my the new iPod Touch!!!!!!!!! I have had a two days to play around with it now, and it is SUPER cool, you can access the internet (INCLUDING BLOGS), 2000 something songs, get maps and directions, iTunes and YouTube, GPS navigation system (for my less then perfect driving abilities), stocks, weather, pictures and videos ALL RIGHT FROM the hand held devise!!!! It’s totally awesome and perfect!!!!!

Ok, back on track… day 3 of my stoner rock deal… I think I may even extend this into a day or two longer because I know there are going to a bunch that I regret not doing, but we’ll see how I feel on day 5 and the repore I receive!

Another prize for you ears, I give you Spirit Caravan(Wino-vocs and git, Dave Sherman-bass, Gary Isom-drums). This little number was actually formed by Wino (Scott Weinrich), which whom is another, just AWESOME front man and a jack of all trades and a master of ALL (The Obsessed, Saint Vitus after Scott Reagers left, Spirit Caravan and The Hidden Hand). The record I have for you on the turntable this afternoon is off their 2001 release “Elusive Truth” on Tolotta records, a year before an unfortunate and too early disasemble of Spirit Caravan!

Cloudy Mirror
Lifer City
Find It

Day 2 of 5

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OK so we’re on day 2 of my stoner rock mixture/bloggy thingy…. I’m not really sure how this is going to pan out, but then again I’m not really worried about it because after all “not many people check out” my blog any way… it makes me feel good to be able to share some healthy knowledge of the music that I know and love and learning at the same time….so all these efforts are soully for selfish endeavors!!

Well here it is, my 27th birthday! so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!

Here’s a recent piece of fruit that I have added to my basket and a new addition to the stoner rock genre. Started in late 2005 by Dinosaur Jr‘s guitar player, J Marscis. Marscis actually does not even play git at all for Witch, he plays his “drug of choice”, which are the drums. In his efforts to drum up (no pun intended) his new project outside of Dinosaur Jr he pulls in a pal of his, Dave Sweetapple to play bass and replaced himself (as far as a git player) for Kyle Thomas who inevitably also powers vocs for the band as well, along with Asa Irons also on git.

I have to be completely honest with you, I am not completely cover to cover educated on Witch, but I do happen to find fond of their eerie, creepy, doomy sound!

so on that note…before I banter on and say things that aren’t completely “spot on” here’s day 2 of my stoner rock punch!


Off their (first) 2006 S/T release on TeePee records:

Seer” —> The funny thing about this song is that it reminds me of what you would hear right before you got raped in a dark, muggy ally way.
Hand Of Glory

Day 1 of 5

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With my 27th birthday falling fast to my feet and a gorgeous humid free morning to start my day off. Since I was playing this on the way to work this morning, here is a Friday treat for you… that if you haven’t already heard it, I’m sure you won’t forget it!

The album I give you today is actually their newest, “The Black Black” released in 2007 on Land O’ Smiles and Underdogma records.

A thru and thru ripper and consistently addictive.


I was first turned onto Solace in late November 2001 by my husband (then boyfriend) with the album Further (which was released in 2000 on MeteorCity). Before I had known anything about Solace or anyone in band, my husband gave me the “quality” test of approval. Needless to say, I was completely floored with the heaviness, thoroughness and TALENT of the band. After a few days of repeat listening and swiping the music from Mr. Love‘s house, I got the ol’ “Hey ummmm…. Where did my “Further” go?”. Now even though it was right in my car, I kinda played dumb for a little bit because I wasn’t done listening to it and I thought he wanted to take it with him to work or something. I ended up telling him “Ok well it’s in my car, but I am still using it!!”. My husband gave a little chuckle and says “Oh you know who they are right??” and of course I had no idea who they were, but I knew I was about to get the education on it anyway. Turns out, I come to find out that Solace was my husbands (and now mine) closest and dearest friends!! Years later after knowing all these silly boys for some time, I have to say that it’s always a FUN times with them!! But any way I was kinda taken back by it, I wanted proof OF ANY kind. A smile and a minute later, a box of pictures comes crawling out from the crypts of my husbands closet with pictures with him as a young lad (separately and joint) with (most) the members like [ex] Bill Belford, [ex] Rob Hultz and of course lead git and founder Tommy Southard which whom also played lead git for (when they got signed to Atlantic) Godspeed. I was pretty dumb founded and have had my mind blown every song, record and live show since! I just can’t wait to hear the rippers that will bleed off their new (momentarily unreleased) record “A.D.”

Solace (currently:Tommy Southard-lead git, founder, Jason-vocs, Justin Daniels-git, Duane-bass and Kenny Lund-drums) has played all over the world and met(AND played) some of my musical hero’s (Bruce Dickinson, Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Wino Weinrich of Spirit Caravan and The Obsessed…etc.). Their list of who they have played with is like a GREAT set of legs (it goes on for miles) and 98 % of their list consists of metal gods(doom metal/stoner rock/ heavy metal). And on top of it all they do probably the BEST rendition of Pentagrams “Forever My Queen”!!!

Well HAPPY Friday, hopefully you too will find “Solace” in this!

Lady’s & Gentlemen : The Black Black

“Khan(World of Fire)”
Destroy The Gift
The Devil’s Clock
“World War”