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Here we go… diving off the board into the deep end

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OK folks… right now I am in a transitional phase with the whole blog thing… I am actually SLOWLY forwarding my writings over at my new blog site, which will be a permenent stop. As your going to see, I am actually going to be posting my OLD posts from here, along with my week to week description on my husbands and I journey through pregnancy (today 11/18/2008 makes us 13 weeks by the way..).


Now Unforunately I am going to have to delay this weeks describtion because I actually have now internet access at home because my router went bad and I am ceratinly writing this from my folks house… so I have limited time on this machine here. Right now I am waiting for Comcast to come to my house and replace the dang thing. SO be patient… and I promise you nothing but the best


Something, Something Darkside

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Welcome back to school for all you kids and teachers!!

I hate to have to do this to everyone, but today there will be no music post, I think I may have a virus in my computer… not so sure that is because is an unsecure sight or not, but either way I am going to have to dig deep into my hard drive to pull it out…

so give me a day or two to square this out… ENJOY!

Water, Water Everywhere…

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Happy Friday!

It’s little late and just got done playing dueling guitar with my step-son while my husband lays fast asleep in the living room. OH by the way, I have absolutely NO musical conditioning when it comes to playing an instrument… cause, it’s a fact. I CAN’T PLAY! I just pretend, but I do play a mean AIR guitar…hehehe!

I guess in lue of a story that I told my girlfriend about the other day. Kinda of an odd one if you ask me!

I was driving down the road on my way to my mothers house, and a Dover was riding along side of me, as I was blasting THIS record (Iron Maiden-Powerslave) and the Dover was making this REALLY strange gestger with his hand. I thought he was asking me if I was DRINKING in “sign language”, so I rolled down my window and reply with “EXCUSE me?!?!”. Turns out that’s what he wanted, for me to roll down my window. The cop was like “Hey is that Maiden your listening to”…. of course I said “yes”, meanwhile I was thinking… “what gave it away buddy, Dickinson’s voice, or Steve Harris’s 20 fingers?”. Well but anyway he then asked me which album, my reply: “Powerslave”. THEN, he was like “What’s a pretty little thing like you listening to heavy metal for?”….

Long story short, CAUSE I LIKE IT!!!!! … 60 seconds of my life being badger by our townships “finest”….I mean are they even ALLOWED to do that?..hehehe

So here you go, a prodigy of NWOBHM and metal masters for the ages… I give you Iron Maiden’s fifth full track LP, Bruce Dickinson’s (previously singer for Samson) third record with the band, after Paul Di’Anno’s departure in mid to late 1981. Powerslave released in 1984 on Capitol records. A GREAT record to say the least!

Losfer Words
The Duellists
Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

Rich City Kids

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(This one is for my pal over at Spending Loud Night, I suggest you pick at what you can of his brain before it’s too late)

Back to the ol’ score board of rock N roll, I give a awesome addition to my NWOBHM category.

A band that actaully was a prequal to NWOBHM in 1974 when Tino Troy(vocs, git) and his brother Christopher (bass, vocs) created “Praying Mantis”, I guess hoping for a high class britsh rock sound, which never really happened too successfully in the 70’s but never the less come 1981… with the release of their first full track LP, “Time Tells No Lies” on Arista.

~Praying Mantis~


Now for any of you reading this (and you know who you are)… don’t just turn your ears off to the brilliance of the band just because of the sleave artwork… because although these fancy four horsemen had a great sound in a whole, and including the whole new wave sound… they really encorporated a GREAT 70’s rock sound to the record too!

I would love to tell you that I have had this record for years and years, and give a great educational story of my own personal knowledge on the band, BUT I can’t because this record is actually fairly new to our vinyl family and I don’t really know ALL that much about them, other then what I have read in mags and books before. Never the less, I can assure you that I think you will really enjoy the sound!!!

See you all tomorrow!!!!

Running For Tomorrow

Rich City Kids

Panic In The Streets

Shock Treatment

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OK so I did more of my cleaning for the night… THAT’S IT FOR SANDY LOVE!!! I might be somebodies wife, but lets face it, WHO LIKES CLEANING THE KITCHEN?? I need to take a minute to write a quick little something/something about this here band that is LUCKLY motivating me to clean… AND non-the less is motivating me AWAY from the cleaning and placing me in front of the idiot box to write this!!!

We are all familiar of the UNIQUE sound of NWOBHM. The sound of anthem and angst!!!

Now see, the reason why I am mentioning about NWOBHM is because ALTHOUGH these guys are a product of the USA, they have a VERY NWOBHM sound. Actually, singer Tom Gattis has a VERY Bruce Dickenson(esk) like sound.

 Released in 1986 on Torrid records (Tom Gattis-vocs, Bill Giddlings-drums, Tim O’Connor-bass and last but not least Tim Meadows-lead git), punching massive double bass drums, crazy fast git solos… deep tone finger lickin good bass and OF COURSE as I already said…the vocals, AWESOME!… and a totally genuine hardcore sound! Time to flip the record and continue my efforts towards “cleanliness is next to Godliness”

OK that’s it for me…if I write anymore, then I won’t clean anymore. SO… priorities, priorities. Sorry I have to keep it so short but… a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do!! I will get you back, I promise!!!

Thrash Out!!

One Nation

Wrecking Crew

 “Reach For Your Sword


Burn The White Witch

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Here is a little treat that goes without saying.

Early Angel Witch is probably the best, not to say that their later releases totally BLEW, because I am sure that I would have many that would disagree. But in my mind… Angel Witch IS 1980, S/T on Bronze with Kevin Heybourne howling the vocals and lead git and of course the pulsating drums of Dave Hogg and definitive sound of bassist Kevin “Skids” Riddles. Angel Witch lived a short life… living through and etching their place in the NWOBHM era, then through constent line-up changes fell apart by mid 1981, as Heybourns joined “Deep Machine”. Heybourne tried to RE-live the Angel Witch dream once more in 1982. His efforts would be all for not (no album was notibley recorded during this time) and Angel Witch would once again die… and wouldn’t see another resurrection until 85′. A few albums were recorded (1985, 1986) after Heybourne left in late 1981 and again in late 1982…. but Angel Witch would never know the fame and sound it once was noted for.

Although most NWOBHM bands stimulated elements of punk through their music, it was truly bands LIKE Angel Witch, Maiden, Riot, Diamond Head, Judas Priest, Motorhead and Raven that introduced us to this “heavier” sound of black leather wearing 80’s metal over seas, while in the interim we had Glam making a bigger face (go figure). Something that wouldn’t fly over the states, or the world for that matter! But instead would make its way to our lives and our fists and our record players, inspiring bands like early Metallica (who covered a few Diamond Head’s songs).

If you haven’t heard of Angel Witch, here’s your chance to totally WOW yourself with this awesome trio. Got to get ready to go to work now… … WHAT?! It’s Wednesday, OF COURSE I have work!! I can’t just sit around and talk about music all day…lololol (even though that would be CHOICE)!!!

White Witch



Hell Hath No Fury!!

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OK well it has officially been said that I am Lita Ford’s daughter…lololol. Since I am a complete fan of chicks that can throw down like Lita Ford, Lee Aaron, Girlschool, Bitch…ect…I think I am going to give you an attempt at a totally ripping metal chick band, covered in leather with voices molded straight from a steel factory!

~Rock Goddess~

This record has only been “paying” rent to my collection for about 8 months when I stumbled across it at “The Record Store” in Howell, Nj off of Rt 9. I was picking through the bins, I already had a bunch in my hand and the one fella that works there was like, “Excuse me Ma’am, you know where having a sale right, buy one get one…..” so I decided “OK let me trace back and see if I can find some more, make my purchase an even 20 bucks”. Start back at the beginning, found a few more… then flipped to these sassy looking females, and thought to myself…. “They look cool, HOPE their not, glammy and gay!” because you know that feeling right, when you buy something MERELY because it looks super cool or badass, or rocky, or pyschy or WHAT HAVE YOU… but if you’re a collector, I’m sure this has happened to you too!!!! So I slipped it under my arm pit anyway… paid the nice boy off, got in my car to be on my way.

So now I am home right, spinning all my new scores when I come to my “questionable” purchase, figured “Might as well let myself down now…lololol”…so needless to say, when the record started to play, I was like…”Ummm…not too bad at all”! Don’t get me wrong, they do have their glammy, gay parts… but in a whole this English nwobhm group is pretty good!

Front(wo)man Jody Turner(vocs,git) and her kid sister(Julie Turner-drums)actually started the band as young kids. Growing for the interest of touring, they recruited a couple of school pals to join, one of which (Tracey Lamb) ended up leaving and joining one of my ALL time favorite girl bands, Girlschool, replacing her for bassest Dee O’Malley  to record their second album, “Hell Hath No Fury” released in 1984 on A&M, which is what I am giving you today!!!…

I know this might be pretty gay of me and you don’t have to like it, most people aren’t fans of female metal groups… a matter of fact I have actually been told, that “metal has no thrown for a womens bones”… but that’s why the person who said that too me has a NORMAL job and knows NOTHING about a womens FURY!!!

God Be With You

Hell Hath No Fury

You’ve Got Fire