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I’m With Stupid

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SO… what ever was wrong with Divshare, seems to be ok now! It’s just like a deconstructing relationship, at first your excited and it gives you all the attention you need but then after awhile it doesn’t want to give you anything, EVEN IF THEIR YOUR THINGS!…lololol! Hey, I have been in past relationships like that before…. nice, nice, nice… and then when you want out and/or your things…THEY THINK your things are now theirs!!!! I have lost a few records like that!

Come to think of it… If I could go back in time and retrieve everything I wasn’t aloud to “have back”… my closet would be full and me record collection would be a little more plentiful!

There I go again, completely diffuse and side tracked!

It’s actually not what I wanted to write about but heck, I wasn’t about to tamper with Divshare anymore… PLUS you know what they say about nit pickin’! On the other side of the fence I happen to enjoy the Black Oak a great deal!

Gathered and started in the mid 1960’s by “Dandy” Mangrum(lead vocs), and a hand full of his buddies (Squeezebox Evans [drums], Ricochet Reynolds [git], Goober Knight [git], Dirty Daugherty [bass] and Burley Jett [lead git] ). These good ol’ southern boys released their first S/T released in 1971 on ATCO records. Although their sound has always had a pretty fluid and consistent southern, dirty rock sound, I can’t say the same for members of the band because their line up changes had cycled so many times that it’s basically a story in it own right!

Well since I am kinda thinking right now is a good time to take a bath with Mr. Love I suppose I will leave you off with this…

((YAAAAAAWN))…. on the other hand, I think it’s time for the new GHI (Ghost Hunters International), their doing a castle in Ireland, so You know I’m not about to miss out on a castle!

Hot and Nasty
Uncle Lijiah
The Hills of Arkansas


Group Sex Anyone??

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Now that it’s getting nice out, I’m gonna revert backward to my woods party days and give you one of our fun time treats that was always a good time listen!

If I remember correctly, the year was 1995 (I was 14), my first woods party EVER. The location was the woods behind the kiddie park in Sylvan Lakes development in Bayville, NJ. It was late and my (now EX) bestfriend Karen and I were running little late and everyone else was already there. As we walking through the woods and the sent of a bonfire was underway, as we could hear the sounds of a bunch of ROWDY young men and the music turned up, probably too loud (it was like 9-10pm) for the hour that it was.. I knew this was going to be a FUN, fun night.

Needless to say with out going into complete in detail, as I tend to do, this was the not only my first woods party and the night I thought burning my sweatshirt and school note book was a AWESOME idea (really it was stupid, I was just a dumb kid doing dumb things), but my first time hearing the Circle Jerks.

I love the Circle Jerks because their rowdy, crazy and just fast and they pretty much get you totally amped up!!!!. I saw them for the first time a few year ago in Asbury, NJ at the Stone Pony with my husband (which whom ALREADY owned the vinyl… I had it on tape cause I stole it that faithful night!!)… and even though their all getting pretty old, it just goes to show that when your hardcore….your hardcore for LIFE baby! Some of you older fans might remember Keith Morris being the original singer for Black Flag (that’s how I knew him anyway) for a short bit before Henry Rollins joined and became the “known” singer.

Well anyway… here’s a few hits that I was introduced to that spring of 95′!!!!

World Up My Ass

Live Fast, Die Young

Beverly Hills


Rocka Rolla Woman

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Well it’s like 1:45pm, I am at work and I have had about five 20oz cups of black tea… and I feel TOTALLY rammy and jittery, my heart is beating like 1000 miles a minute and I just feel GREAT all together since I SOME HOW managed to repair my computer again, and I was just outside and I think all it does is rain in NJ anymore… not really, but it sure feels like it… guess it doesn’t matter too much anyway cause I am stuck in here.

I want to turn you on to Priest… maybe not the Judas Priest you might know; I am talking about 1974 Judas Priest, preleather days… I am talking long hair, bell bottom pants, totally flashy, outfits more rock N roll then metal, but DEFINITELY a ripping prequel for things to come.

~ Judas Priest~

Now… as far back as I can remember I have ALWAYS loved Priest from rock N roll to his evolution into heavy metal… there was ALWAYS something very powerful in Rob Halfords lyrics and ability to stagger his vocal range. This record was their first full length record released in 1974 and was release something like three times, first on Gull with the soda pop top, then again with the soda pop top but on Visa, 1981 was re-released with a different cover with this weird guy holding bombs with wings that look like steaks to me!…hehehehe

My girlfriend wrote a little on JP in a prior blog of hers… and you know I will NEVER forget the one day we were talking and I was on my way home from work and she had asked… “What do you think of Judas Priest, EARLY Judas Priest” and I think if my memory serves me right I think she may have asked what my favorite JP album was… and STILL to this VERY day the answer is the same… I love EVERYTHING the band has ever put out… that’s why that following X-mas I HAD to buy Rocka Rolla (and Sin after Sin) for her… because I really thought she needed to be switched on to a different side of Priest that some people just skip right over! Essentially, I think that Rocka Rolla, Sad Wings of Destiny and Sin after Sin might have been more rocky then metal were just a beautifully orchestrated arrangement…making their metal movement that much more powerful and original!

Well since I do have to work today… here are a few tracks of Rocka Rolla…… ENJOY!

Rocka Rolla
Never Satisfied

Better Left Unsaid…

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Well I have to say that, in my dismay of not being able to write about music and post you people some kick-ass tunes(cause I don’t want to post a blog with out some rockers), that I figured I would just talk about a few things.

See I have to start off by saying that I am pretty much one of the most honest people I know, and with that… I learned a pretty valuable lesson!

Meaning, that as I was growing up as a small child I was ALWAYS told to be as HONEST as one could possibly be, no matter how much you hurt a persons feelings… JUST BE HONEST! And even though I have done that… the majority of my life, I have ALSO realized something that my folks used to always say too… which is “Somethings… are better left unsaid”

And they are right because even though most of the people in my life, I have been able to say what I want, how I want… and of course feelings are hurt at first, but they always stick by my side, knowing that I really don’t mean to hurt them… I just like keeping it real, basically! But I guess where I am going with this is that sometimes…. you have to consider other people feelings, rather then your OWN emotional angst with something!

Sometimes other peoples buisness and lifes are really non of one’s personal concern, no matter how much you might love a friend, or even disagree with a friend and/or their behavior… sometimes silence, is the HEAVIEST stone, but the lightest weight!

Sometimes bleeding for someone else, causes you to hemorrhage in an “unclottable” fashion!….

And thus,…. ….  Somethings ARE better left UNSAID!!!!

…. Goodness, I really can’t wait to write about some great music… well say prayers for my idiot box (computer) so we ca look forward “for the better side of something more….”

Ace in the hole…

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~The Rods~

Alright, So I was on the phone this morning with my totally ROCKIN buddy BUNGO, while laying in the tub… and I had expressed that I had wanted to write a blog about The Rods, so of course I couldn’t shake the urge!

What do I know, What do I know…. Well let’s see,  the trio (David Feinstein-git and lead vocs, Carl Canedy-drums and vocs, Garry Bordonaro-Bass and vocs) were really just american middle class working boys, just trying to put out an honest heavy sound.  And I think thats what I really love about them the most…

…they put their first tenative full track LP (The Rods-S/T on Arista) out in 1981, and see you have to remember that, that was the time when thash, punk, new wave and doom metal were just totally, and not just TOTALLY spreading over our nation… but it was the first time EVER that music was sooooooo fast and furious, that it was kinda a bit of a job to compete with it. And The Rods really brought back some later old school rock N roll, kinda makes me think of like Deep Purple (Stormbringer 1974) and EARLY (the GOOD) White Snake (Snakebite ’78, Trouble ’78)! They put out a few records before calling it quits (in I BELEIVE, ’86 or ’87 they said goodbye) that I thought were pretty dang awsome, which were “Wilds Dogs” in 1982, “In the Raw “in 1983, and WHO CAN forget the controversal cover for 1984’s “Let them Eat Metal“with a pretty much naked girl possing erotically with a METAL vibrator encased in a banana peel (hense the album name) released on Combat records.

(Now a days, this kinda thing is pretty much exceptable….. but in 1984…NOT SO MUCH!)

P.S. this is actually NOT my picture… my label is green…. BUT my batteries are dead in my camera..STUPID DIGITAL…. but I don’t know what labele this particular one is on…but mine is on Combat….

Well before I end this piece with some songs off their first S/T LP …. I figured that since I am in a sharing kinda mood, I will share a fun little fact with you… well actually a couple fun facts and they are…

That David Feinstein not only played git for one of my favorite bands…..ELF, but he also happens to be one of my most FAVORITE voices of all times, Ronnie James Dio’s COUSIN!!!!!… how’s that for Ramen noodles! And also, the drummer Carl Canedy actually went on to being a producer after leaving, going to on to help produce and support bands like Anthrax and Overkill (WHICH I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Enjoy the tracks below…. KEEP ROCKIN!

The Rods-Music Man

The Rods-Hungry for Some Love

The Rods-Rock Hard