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So You Think Drugs Are Cool Huh?

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Just because something really funny happened this weekend with my husband. The song has nothing to do with what happened. It was a “You Had To Be There” kinda thing.

I think we all can attest to having friends in our lives that find jolly to pushing the envelope when it comes to “chemical enhancement”, whether it be pills, the whitey, dope, etc. I know I always think about them and wonder to myself… “Why~WHY would you REALLY want to be high, outside your mind constantly”  as they use them habitually until they loose everything good in their lives, including their own self worth.

Makes me sad for my friends, happy that I’m not part of that stereotypical foothold.

A story about just that, a friend telling a friend that drugs are NO. GOOD. BUCKO.! Of course the friend doesn’t listen to anything other then the addiction… and of course you know what happens when you drive a car with no brakes… the crash is inevitable!

Off their second LP(Boogie with Canned Heat), released in 1968 on Liberty records…a guaranteed ass shaker, Lady & Gentlemen.. “Canned Heat”~

Amphetamine Annie


I’ll Throw Down…if YOUR down!!!

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OK, I am gonna make this semi short and sweet (you know… since I am supposed to be working..hehehe).

 Today I present you with a little mix. I like to call it “The Sandylove Throw Down” mix. Why ?? you ask. When I first made this mix, I was still living at my parent’s house (we had only been dating about 2 years) and I slipped this disc in with the lunch that I had packed for him that day. Well needless to say, he had called me up and said “what do you think your cool now, trying to throw down like that”, because before that CD I made, we would talk about music and spin records all the time and he actually used to give me a list of songs on a piece of paper (cause he didn’t know how to use the computer) and let me make a mix for myself, based on HIS list, which I always thought was pretty cute, so I guess it truly IS “the thought” that counts sometimes. Actually, that was right around the time he introduced me to Solace (a ripping stoner rock/ doomy metal group), which are actually my husbands best friends… But, I made up my mind to make him this mix, not just cause he was always making paper mixes (hehehehe), but because these songs made me think of him, even though most of the songs are really sung to women… but who cares right….IT’s THE THOUGHT, that counts!!!…lololol


So but ANYWAY, here, check out my 2002’s “Throw Down” mix, Hope you enjoy these tracks as much as I always have!!!!




Judas Priest – Diamonds and Rust, Victim of Changes

Black Sabbath – Country Girl

Savatage – Believe

Little Junior Parker – Lovin Man on your Hands

Etta James – Somethings Gotta hold on me

Savoy Brown – Grits Ain’t Groceries

Paul Stanley – Tonight you belong to me

Mother Love Bone – Stargazer

Free – I’m a Mover

JoJo Gunne – Run Run Run, I make Love

Legs Diamond – Evil

Howlin Wolf – You Gonna Wreck my Life

Matthew Sweet – I Almost Forgot

Better Left Unsaid…

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Well I have to say that, in my dismay of not being able to write about music and post you people some kick-ass tunes(cause I don’t want to post a blog with out some rockers), that I figured I would just talk about a few things.

See I have to start off by saying that I am pretty much one of the most honest people I know, and with that… I learned a pretty valuable lesson!

Meaning, that as I was growing up as a small child I was ALWAYS told to be as HONEST as one could possibly be, no matter how much you hurt a persons feelings… JUST BE HONEST! And even though I have done that… the majority of my life, I have ALSO realized something that my folks used to always say too… which is “Somethings… are better left unsaid”

And they are right because even though most of the people in my life, I have been able to say what I want, how I want… and of course feelings are hurt at first, but they always stick by my side, knowing that I really don’t mean to hurt them… I just like keeping it real, basically! But I guess where I am going with this is that sometimes…. you have to consider other people feelings, rather then your OWN emotional angst with something!

Sometimes other peoples buisness and lifes are really non of one’s personal concern, no matter how much you might love a friend, or even disagree with a friend and/or their behavior… sometimes silence, is the HEAVIEST stone, but the lightest weight!

Sometimes bleeding for someone else, causes you to hemorrhage in an “unclottable” fashion!….

And thus,…. ….  Somethings ARE better left UNSAID!!!!

…. Goodness, I really can’t wait to write about some great music… well say prayers for my idiot box (computer) so we ca look forward “for the better side of something more….”

The most unfortunate thing!

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I have to say, right as of 5:30pm EST, that I have to step down from the BLOGGING once again, because I am forced to sent my computer into Gateway, because my idiot box computer is perminantly disabled….. I will be back…. AND IN BIGGER NUMBERS!!!!!!….until then,

KEEP ROCKING OUT…. and I will see you on the other side!


I’m Ragged and Dirty, But you know I’m hip…

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~Luther Allison~ 

I actually stumbled across Luther Allison, I guess about a year or so ago when I was doing some personal investigations on Muddy Waters, and Howlin’ Wolf, which is also when I stumbles across Clarence Thomas Ashley as well, which in turn inspired me to the doors of Blind Willie McTell.

So after what I had learned about him I had decided, that Christmas to buy “Bad News is Coming” (on Motown 1972) which is (as far as I know) his second record, which ironically enough he had some covers  on that record that were previously done by the original Chicago Blues scene (Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, …etc), while the other half of the record are his own arrangements.

I happen to love his funky renditions, along with his originals, with his crackly blues tone voice and his high energy, funked-out guitar riffs. I think he is absolutely brilliant and I feel pretty lucky to have “accidentally” come across someone that makes your butt wiggle and your heart jump around!

Born in 1939, from a HUGE family (he was one of 15 kids!) that was graced with many talented offspring. By the time Allison was 18, he dropped out of school and was encouraged to sing, and so… he DID, forming his own band “The Four Jivers”, touring Chicago, mainly the west side and impressing the likes of Otis Rush, Freddie King and Magic Sam. And by the mid 60’s Allison started his own solo career, while actually working for Freddie King too, when only a few years later he really embraced his God given talent, and to play solo, releasing his first album in 1969 (Love Me Mama on Delmark).

Although he would release many records between 1969 and 1997, before he passed away only four weeks after being diagnosed with the big “C” (lung cancer) in 1997, which was an unfortunate shock to the entire blues culture, robbing his friends, fans and family of his talent of imperishable proportions, but like most of the greats, he still lives through the music that he wrote….. I for one…feel honored!

Enjoy the some butt wiggling!

Luther Allison – Little Red Rooster (Also done by Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon….)

Luther Allison – Evil is Going On (Also done by Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon, Monster Magnet, Cactus…..)

Luther Allison – Raggedy and Dirty