I am wicked….I am Legion!

I dont really know what to write….. let’s see, 27, Married to a really wonderful man. I type transcription for pathology in my local hospital. We live in NJ…. Jersey’s kinda nice, I guess… Just a bit too expensive in my opinion. My husband and I share a very deep rooted passion for music and record collecting, mostly 33’s (approx. 4000 +)… a few 45’s (maybe about 100)…..

My life is really pretty much routine… and I kinda like it like that, with room always left for spontaneity of course. We have a few good friends that we hold near and dear to us, and hoping to expand the family sooner then later……

And when I can think of something more fancy to say about my husband and I…. I will add more….But… until then… enjoy the blogging


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