Crazy Makes Crazy

Good morning folks… it’s approximately 6 am and I’m awake and feel pretty dang good since yesterdays doctors appointment. Let’s pray for the best I suppose.

Here’s a short little blurp this morning, to get your day rolling and off on the right crazy foot! UNlike most of what I wroiteabout, lets go forward in time, but backwards all in the same trip…a year that I was totally around alive for and remember. I might not have been drinking beers, smoking pot or thrashing around at crazy woods parties hanging with ALL the wrong people… YET… but I certainly remember clearly what music (of all genres) was doing for the soul!

Kinda of a “social rock” band for me, now-a-days, but definitely much heavier and weirder, a different kind of talent I suppose. Straight from Cali, I lend you a personal favorite, one that never gets old.

For me Claw Hammer has a totally catchy dirty sound of Chris Bagarozzi guitar… but FOR ME… Jon Wahl’s voice is so completely demented that he leaves you TOTALLY ready to hear some more!!

Here it is folks… their 5th vinyl release..Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Not Devo!” out in good ol’ 1991 on Sympathy for the Record Industry records:

Claw Hammer

Praying Hands
Uncontrollable Urge


2 Responses to “Crazy Makes Crazy”

  1. This is good stuff! Kind of like Devo mixed with generous amounts of controlled substances. Punk Devo!

  2. I agree… but on more like on that twisted up inside, bag of goods and MAYBE Roy Rogers…goood….. def a favorite

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