Back to Back… Rollin Just to Fall

It’s been a bunch of days, too many to shamefully render myself now colorless I’m sure.

Right now, it’s later in the evening of the 10th, went to the neurologist today to figure out what was going on with my find out it’s really my neck. I have damage nerve endings from all the years of full contact fighting and cracking my neck. I also found out I have “vascular headaches” also know as “cluster headaches” which is a result of poor blood flow to brain, which anyone who knows me…ALREADY KNOWS… poor blood flow to MY brain in QUIT apparent!!…hehehehe..mmmm. SO I have to take Fiorcet, Medrol and have to get a Cortisone shot on Monday that is suppose to help reduce the disc compression to help heal my nerve endings and this picture below is a description of EXACTLY how my headaches feel. 


So since it’s been a while I bounced around ideas today… from one to the other. I was going to do a post on “sam the Sham” and then decided that I wanted to post a section on Catfish Hodge… but then changed my mind AGAIN because of my recent repetitive listening.

Tonight I am going to give you a fantastic selection that is a jazzy/ pysch/rock mastpiece. It’s really been helping me get through my days at work. An interesting foundation of music, intelligence and ferocity all bound together to produce this crazy, winding and insane sound of pure talent, founded by record producer Robert Fripp (lead guitar) . His recruiters consisted of a very dear friend of his, Michael Giles, who was the soul ground leveling master mind of the jazzy drum sets, which inevitably drove to the band to exactly just THAT. The rest of the intellect includes that of psychedelic jazz artist Ian McDonald (pipes, reeds, keys and vocs), Greg Lake (bass and also lead vocs) and Pete Sinfield (words and illuminations). A totally colorful collaboration of sound and monotony, released in 1969 on Alantic records, I share with you…”In the Court of the Crimson King”.

21st Century Schizoid Man
The Court of the Crimson King…


One Response to “Back to Back… Rollin Just to Fall”

  1. Hi! Saw you peeking! Sorry to hear about the headaches. And the neck thing I can relate to. I’ve got degenerative disc disease. 2 discs in my neck are pretty much gone.

    The reason I killed misteranono: I moved my graphics from Googlepages to Google Sites. They’re going to transfer everyone this fall. Started a different blog also, and starting migrating posts and changing img links. I decided to check the new site with IE, (I use Firefox) and I had a page full of red x’s where images should have been. I was enraged! I not only deleted both blogs, but the accounts too. Not sure what setting I missed. Everything was set to share, near as I could tell. If I was logged in, everything was fine. If I logged out and refreshed my page, images disappeared.

    So, here I am again, with yet another blog. Not sure what I’ll do with it yet. I don’t have the original posts, but they should be available on Google’s cache for a couple of months. I may repost everything. I saved all of the images I used, and moved them to another host. The files are still on RS.

    Now you know.

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