Had To Cry Today

Here’s a little number that took me back to 1997, stuck in a bedroom with no where to go and a bag of mushrooms, a few beers and a friend that I can’t seem to find way to locate these days. I’m thinking she fell off the face of the planet. I remember being in a heep of trouble with my mom and dad and decided that staying away from home for a few days would help smooth over a bad situation (even though it made it worse).

As I said, it was 1997, I was 16 and quite the rebel. I had been out partying with my pal Marian, who always seemed to be on the same page as myself, musically, mentally and emotionally. My parents had caught me sneaking out late at night and sneaking boys IN late at night. I guess in my head, I thought this was a never ending gateway to “cool” and based on my actions my folks found it very hard to bed down most nights because of my crazy antics. But anyway getting back to my “Blind Faith” story…

After all the games I had being playing, I figured that strolling away for a few days was for the best. Marian and I had plans one night to buy a bag a shrooms and eat them all, drink beers and just spin records and TRIPP face!! This is also when I decided again the whole “Pink Floyd is the best to listen to” when your trippin’, WASN’T…. because I AM TELLING YOU, Pink Floyd is the SCARIEST to spin down when your messed up on hallucinogens. Twenty minutes of crazy, wavy music by the likes of PF was enough for me… and I went stumbling over the the pile of records we picked out for spinning that faithful evening (Pink Floyd-The Wall, Led Zepplin-S/T, Uriah Heep-Demons and Wizards, Joni Mitchell-Clouds, West/Bruce/Laing-Live n Kickin, Black Sabbath-Master of Reality, Love-DaCapo, Blind Faith-Blind Faith, Metallica-Master of Puppets, Deep Purple-Machine Head and In Rock, Trouble-The Skull, Alice Cooper-Pretties For You… and a hand full of others that I can’t seem to recall. Must have been the shrooms) and plucked out the Blind Faith LP looking to replace the prior press that was currently making NUTTS.

This was actually the first time I had ever heard Blind Faith before, quickly to find out that everyone in the band was a musical hero in one fashion or another. Blind Faith-S/T was released in 1969 on Atco and produces such a rich, super-tone sound by the likes of Ginger Baker ( of Cream), Eric Clapton (also of Cream and of course the Yardbirds), Ric  Grech(of the underappriated and short lived band Family and another soon on the “post list”) and of course Steve Winwood (Traffic and The Spencer Davis Group). I remember how full I felt after listening to it and thinking that it could have NEVER sounded any better after that! Well, to say the least, it never sounded BETTER sober and has been a favorite for me for about 10 years now.

Emjoy the spins below, some of them may jump needle because both pressings that I have are a RECK. I never took good care of my vinyl till I got older, so it is what it is!

Had To Cry Today
Cant Find My Way Home
Well All Right


One Response to “Had To Cry Today”

  1. “can’t find my way” has long been one of my favourite songs, and it’s a joy to hear it again… thanks!
    ellen macillwaine did a dynamite solo acoustic version some years back too- worth a listen….

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