She’s A Lover

Things have been so ridiculous lately, even though oddly enough I have been staying in mostly good spirits… other then a few tears and a heart felt emotional break down that could have gone HAYWIRE if it wasn’t for a little convincing from a dear friend and my husband to realize that some people aren’t worth your time!

I need a bit of a pick me up here on this evening. I wasn’t going to write a post, but after rambling the halls of Lowes with my mother I became inspired by a favorite tune of mine! “She’s A Lover” is the name of the song… and the band, well you’ll find out in a minute or two, but first I feel the need to banter on for a second about some things.

Honestly, I can not put to any words or format to explain to anyone how truly horrible and miserable a certain women in my life is(and by far not my mother…cause she RULES). And with this careless notion to openly express “my opinion” of her…I banter on. She’s horrible and metals in everyones business. She hurts more feelings then I care to mention. Turning the cheek and biting her tongue would do nothing but devastate her empire of moral deconstruction! “Think before you speak” was the rule and ground of good teachings in my childhood life, as words cut deeper then any knife could and are irretrievable. Others, stake way to speak and never think. Manipulation is an evil game, based on preaching opinions and personalizing it into fact for her own self-worth, and she wins every round. But not this time… not this girl! She won’t break me down, but I will gladly watch her  stumble over her words and FINALLY admit to fault for once in her spindle webbed life…. I better stop it’s making me mad!

As my husband says “You can pick your friends, Not your family”..

Nothing so true, I’m just glad I have the family I have, and the family I picked (Mr. Love is the Man).

Anyway, sorry about that. Here’s a band that got alot of listening in my younger days. I remember being in the middle of the woods, in front a bonfire plugging this little number into the tape deck of my old friend Oscar’s 1986 Ford F150, recorded in the raw form of handheld recordable decks, from this LP of mine. I can almost still feel the fire and taste the bitter sweet after mouth of Mad Dog 20/20…followed by the desperation of a few NattyIce 12oz cans.

Released in 1970, on Rare Earth/Motown… I give you Parachute. A slimey, sexy pysch sound, worth moving yourself about to! Enjoy this treasure that I have been lugging around for years.

EDIT:: Although I have spent my entire life thinking the name of this band was “Parachute-Pretty Things”… I just…literally JUST found out that I am indeed VERY mistaken, and for the first time ever… I take back what I say. The name of the band is “The Pretty Things”… SORRY folks, thats what listening to something your whole life and never doing any complete investigations will do to you.

~~EMBARRASSING, to say the least~~ …. anyway, I still love “The Pretty Things” record, it has very sentimental value and has been a good friend for me for years.

She’s A Lover
Scene One
Miss Fay Regrets


5 Responses to “She’s A Lover”

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  2. um, the band is actually called “Pretty Things”….

    the album title is parachute!

    cool record either way.

  3. Of all the original British Invasion groups, perhaps none are as underappreciated in the United States as the Pretty Things. Featuring the hoarse vocals of Mick Jagger-lookalike Phil May and the stinging leads of guitarist Dick Taylor (who actually played in early versions of the Rolling Stones with Jagger and Keith Richards), the Pretties recorded a clutch of raunchy R&B rockers in the mid-’60s that offer a punkier, rawer version of the early Stones sound. Their first two albums, as well as a brace of fine major and minor British hits (of which “Don’t Bring Me Down” and “Honey I Need” were the biggest), feature first-rate original material and covers, and remain the group’s most exciting and influential recordings. Unfortunately, the band remained virtually unknown to American audiences, most of whom would first hear “Don’t Bring Me Down” on David Bowie’s Pin Ups album (which also included a version of the Pretties’ “Rosalyn”).

    After their initial run of success, the group took a sharp left turn into psychedelia with the orchestrated album Emotions (1967), impressive singles that owed more to Pink Floyd than Bo Diddley, and, most significantly, S.F. Sorrow (1968). The first rock opera, S.F. Sorrow was a major influence on Pete Townshend, who released his much more successful opera, Tommy, with the Who the following year. Founding member Taylor left shortly after S.F. Sorrow, and the group continued to record progressive rock and hard rock with less impressive results through the mid-’70s, although Parachute (1970) was named Album of the Year by Rolling Stone. The group reunited sporadically for occasional gigs and recordings in their early R&B vein before officially re-forming to release Rage…Before Beauty in 1999 and Balboa Island eight years later.

  4. I seriously never new this!… I spent my whole life listening to this, thinking it was called “Parachute-pretty things”.

    I wasn’t even going to write anything, just got inspired and prompted to QUICKLY rip this out of my , “OUR” collection and just play it to make myself feel better.

    thanks for the clarification though, it’s good to know you have friends in high places… besides this just PROVES and earlier comment that I made to you and “always learning something new!”… Bungo called and left a message on my phone, and I listened to it and started laughing to myself about it, merely because I can’t believe when I had made reference to this record before, to other (under achievers)people, that acted like they knew EXACTLY what I was talking about….


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