Give Me a Moment

I know I promised a few days a spectacular treats for yesterday, but I was pretty busy and ended up getting caught up in a tangled web of misunderstandings and undeveloped priorities!

SOOO, in leu of the Metal Masters Tour that my family and I attended Saturday, I have to say that EVERYONE kicked ass, Motorhead RULED. Black Sabbath always has a superior and consistently powerful repor with the audience! Judas Priest definitely stole the show for my husband. Although I have to say, that I went thinking I was going to see Sabbath (again) and unlike the last time we saw Sabbath with Dio, every band was consistent and flawless!

Every song was a metal masterpiece!

Back to the daily grind, here at this place I suppose I call work. Busy as usual and too much for one gal to handle!

I suppose that I will start my musical banter on Robin Trower’s first band, “Procol Harum”. This particular LP that I give to you today is their first, S/T LP on Regal Zonophone Records released in 1967. It is my understanding, through articles over the internet that their line-up changes were neither here nor there and just like the weather, it was circulating all the time. For this LP… we have Gary Brooker on keys and vocs (although Keith Reid wrote all the songs), Robin Trower on lead git, B.J. Wilson on drums, Dave Knights on bass and Matthew Fisher also on keys/organ.

I can see why not too many found fond of Procol’s music, especially after Trower left in 1972 (which by that time he was well on his way to “his solo career” in 1973). I kind of fell victim to the same thing myself! I was really unimpressed at first, but after a few repeat listens…. I changed my mind, because actually, talent exudes from them. Honestly enough they aren’t one of my “all time favorites”… but worthy enough to make it to the iTouch!


A Christmas Camel

She Wandered Through a Garden Fence


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