In Good Taste

The next few days (starting sunday) I have a few treats for you. Unfortunately I am going to lay low tomorrow, got some plans in Holmdel.

Short and Sweet… I’m pretty dang tired!

There here clip is “Victim of Changes”, possibly ONE of my favorites amongst the Priest shrine in my heart. I see here this must be the “Screaming For Vengence” tour, but the track was originally released on their 1976, “Sad Wings Of Destiny”. A powerhouse LP, a must own and a repeat listen!

Right here, yet another piece of gold and well deserving of the name “Metal Master”. A small little man, but a voice that would scare the largest of man. Iommi has AT LEAST 20 fingers and no less! This is from there 1992 “Dehumanizer” tour and the Dehumanizer record as well. Black Sabbath, “I”.

And last but not least, off the 2004 Inferno tour, “Overkill” by the dirtiest voice(KING Lemmy) in the history of metal. Metal Master… Motorhead!

Sorry “Testament”  although they are loved and adored by many, I don’t think it would be right to actually say “Metal Master”.

Stood the test of time YES! Creating music for the generations…mmmmm, I think this is the wrong fan!


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