A Repeat Listen… Nothing Less

It’s kind of late right now, about 9:28pm est. The Husby and the boy are watching “MindFreak” (Ghosthunters intermittently)

But I have to kind of dedicate this here post to my gal pal JJB over at EyeEatMusic, for this notion takes place but a few months back when she herself wrote a segment on The Illusion.

I really don’t know all that much about these guys (I have been doing a bunch of reading in the last few days though), other than the fact that it is completely addictive and has been ruling my rides to and from work!

When she unintentionally, introduced me to The Illusion, I was actually fortunate to come across a copy of their first S/T (on Steed records released in 1969) at The Philadelphia Record Exchange in Philadelphia,PA and I actually forget which flea market I found their second record at (“Together” on Steed released late 1969).

But just about a week and a few days ago we were at the Collingswood flea market when I came across this masterpiece of a record! I knew I would love it, because I was so fond of the other two, but I never knew the absolute BIRTHDAY treat I would get! 

It’s there last LP (“If It’s So”), released on Steed in 1970. Again, I don’t really like to give the old “shuck and jive” line, so when I get my “checks and balances” squared away, I think I will elaborate on them further on another post!

Anyway, JJB to you… and to ME… for the awesome SCORE!… GOD I love record hunting! The kill is always so satisfying! OH and by the way, pardon my semi-poor seperation skills, the cuts run right into one another…. But here are the rockers off Side A!

The Man
Let’s Make Each Other Happy
When I Metcha Babe


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