Not Right… But Left

Right now I am sitting home alone, the boys are out and about at pawn shops, looking for used drum sets and used gits.

And I have to say, that I absolutely love to banter about some rocking tunes, and more importantly, I enjoy the educational part more then anything!

Growing up as a young girl, brought up under neither the bellows of rock n roll/pysch and the pre-amp to heavy metal, I was always very humbled by the knowledge and the fact that I knew more about music then anyone else I ever associated with. I always had comfort in knowing that a single song, no matter what song it might have been momentarily… could put me in a better, surreal place. I also remember me and John Brown (my kid brother, he ALWAYS listened to records with me), which whom by the way knows a thing or two about music… but anyway, we used to always joke about living in the early days. A time when things were a bit more free, but also more understood and open minded towards ideas and inconsistencies during their then “modern day war fair”.

In any case, I just want to give this thanks out to three very special friends of mine, Mr. Love, The Devil, Jables. Thank you all so much, for teaching me and educating me on things that I maybe would have taken 10 more years to learn about! I love you guys, and this post is really for you!


A rock N roll, pysch record that lives for the ages and is still completely relevant with massive underlying influences of what we would later come to know as punk rock.

I think in my opinion, even though the Stooges definitely (without a doubt) set a precedence with their music, but I truly believe that Iggy’s (vocs) outrageous stage performance really enunciated the bands visual characteristics.

This LP that I present to you today is their first, S/T released in 1969 on Elektra records with of course Iggy Pop(Stooge) on vocs, Scott Asheton on drums, his brother Ron on git and of course bassist Dave Alexander. The Stooges put only 3 LP between 1969 – 1973, but did release a live album in 1977 “Metallic K.O.”. That same year Iggy made way to leave the Stooges, to form his solo career, notably his familiarity to most, but then was recruited back to reunited with the Stooges in 2007 to release “The Weirdness” (which I haven’t heard YET).

 I have to admit, the album is entirely too perfect to just give you a few songs, but unfortunately I am also entirely too lazy to sit through the whole thing right now, got to get ready for a BBQ… so I am gonna give you a few of my favorite tracks off this record.

Here’s to my crazy friends!! Much Love!

No Fun
I wanna be your Dog


2 Responses to “Not Right… But Left”

  1. His stomach looks like rubber, he smeared peanut battle on his chest and always flaunted his chemically induced intoxications. Sid V had nothing on him. I am pleased to notice that you recongnize his imprint on the cultured genre that is *punk*. Nice piece of work sandylove

  2. Yes, sir or ma’am… that much is true. I see you proof read your work like me!…lololololol (I was never very good at taking my time while writing anything!) That’s why I love writing poetry… time is all you’ve GOT when it comes to expressing emotions! Thanks for the comment anyway!

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