Day 5 of 5

I sure wish this humidity would slice down a bit thinner, you don’t even have to be in the sun, and you’re sweating you titties off!

SO here it is, day 5 of my consecutive stoner rock bloggy!

Last be certainly not least … … Fu Manchu!!!

I absolutely love “The Fu” (as I call them)! Definitely worth saving for the end!

Now, in all admittance I didn’t completely start getting into stoner rock until about my junior year in high school because I was pretty close minded about opening my horizons to the term “music” itself. I knew about rock N roll, early heavy metal and very little (VERY LITTLE) about thrash and speed metal and that was really it! It wasn’t until I met my husband that started learning about thrash, punk, hardcore and mid 80’s metal (hair metal)!

My first time ever listening to The Fu, again was my junior year and… to this particular LP I am posting today too! Although it actually isn’t my favorite (“The Action is Go” released in 1997 on Mammoth is my favorite), I felt it was important to spill out the personal sentimental value that it has for me!

ACTUALLY, the funny thing about Fu Manchu is that (aforementioned) the band shares a likeness to drummer Brant Bjork, who first played with Kyuss. I had never known this of course, because I had not yet gave Kyuss a listen (even though I had heard OF THEM). Later that same year I had eventually got to know the likes of Kyuss and that’s when an old friend (not gonna mention that bitches name: Karen) told me how Brant Bjork was originally in Kyuss, but had left to join the Fu in 1996. Brant eventually left the Fu as well in 2002 right after they released “California Crossing” (on Mammoth). I actually gave up on the Fu when Brant left… and haven’t gave much listen to their more recent stuff! But getting off the whole Brant Bjork story (you should definitely check out his Kyuss, Fu days… because it really made for an interesting solo career). The Fu in a whole, had become really popular, their music spreading from videos to games and movies to skate and surf competitions and now a days even car comericals!

Well here you go, a career well worth their merit. I give you Fu Manchu, their 6th full length LP on Mammoth released in 1999, “King of the Road”

No Dice


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