Day 4 of 5

Good afternoon yuppies!

And then there was Kyuss. A great addition to our stoner rock history! Started in 1989, by John Garcia (vocs),originally naming the band “Sons of Kyuss”(and only release 1 EP under that name). Come 1991 regressing their name to just plain old “Kyuss” after replacing Chris Cockrell for Nick Oliveri to play bass!

Now their time line of line-up changes falls short in my mind currently, but I’m sure it’s something you browse about over the web, but what I do know is that talent just poured out of the band and not only reflected on their fans, but their records too, I mean I think every one of their LP are killer and iPod worthy.

Unfortunately, they had a heavy break-up, Kyuss released something like 5 albums before their forseen ending.

I give you one of my favorite Kyuss LP (Blues For The Red Sun) released in 1992 on Dali records. Their 3rd release, but only second full length as “Kyuss”.

 I am sure most of you who know Kyuss or know of Kyuss are familiar with the branching that stemmed off their genius.

Josh Homme and Alfredo Hernandez went on to create the ever so popular “Queens Of The Stone Age” (not so much for me ironically enough). Brant Bjork(I love this guy) ventured onto “Fu Manchu” and then his own solo career. “Slo Burn“, another unfortunate(they kicked ass) early demise created by Kyuss frontman John Garcia!

Well kids, it’s laundry day in the Loves house this afternoon… so it’s off with me, check you tomorrow!

Freedom Run
Green Machine
Thong Song


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