Day 3 of 5 (Divshare Blows)

Can I start off by saying how much Divshare has really been more of a hindrance then a help lately! I know I have gone on about this before so I am not going to say anything more!

My birthday came and went really fast this year, but I must say that my husband got me…. Let me tell you the whole story (it’s a quick one) first! I had been telling my husband for months now, since I bought him his new iPod nano that I had wanted one!! A few times I actually almost bought my own but between him and my friend JJB telling me to have “patience”, I waited and waited! I got home from work on Saturday/my birthday and wanted to open my present, so I could hold my very own Nano in MY hands!!! Blah, blah blah…long story short he gives me my gift bag and instantly the weight of the bag is too heavy so now I know right then and there all bets are off, because it’s much to heavy to be a Nano!!

Open the bag: BING-BONG… my husband got my the new iPod Touch!!!!!!!!! I have had a two days to play around with it now, and it is SUPER cool, you can access the internet (INCLUDING BLOGS), 2000 something songs, get maps and directions, iTunes and YouTube, GPS navigation system (for my less then perfect driving abilities), stocks, weather, pictures and videos ALL RIGHT FROM the hand held devise!!!! It’s totally awesome and perfect!!!!!

Ok, back on track… day 3 of my stoner rock deal… I think I may even extend this into a day or two longer because I know there are going to a bunch that I regret not doing, but we’ll see how I feel on day 5 and the repore I receive!

Another prize for you ears, I give you Spirit Caravan(Wino-vocs and git, Dave Sherman-bass, Gary Isom-drums). This little number was actually formed by Wino (Scott Weinrich), which whom is another, just AWESOME front man and a jack of all trades and a master of ALL (The Obsessed, Saint Vitus after Scott Reagers left, Spirit Caravan and The Hidden Hand). The record I have for you on the turntable this afternoon is off their 2001 release “Elusive Truth” on Tolotta records, a year before an unfortunate and too early disasemble of Spirit Caravan!

Cloudy Mirror
Lifer City
Find It


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