Day 1 of 5

With my 27th birthday falling fast to my feet and a gorgeous humid free morning to start my day off. Since I was playing this on the way to work this morning, here is a Friday treat for you… that if you haven’t already heard it, I’m sure you won’t forget it!

The album I give you today is actually their newest, “The Black Black” released in 2007 on Land O’ Smiles and Underdogma records.

A thru and thru ripper and consistently addictive.


I was first turned onto Solace in late November 2001 by my husband (then boyfriend) with the album Further (which was released in 2000 on MeteorCity). Before I had known anything about Solace or anyone in band, my husband gave me the “quality” test of approval. Needless to say, I was completely floored with the heaviness, thoroughness and TALENT of the band. After a few days of repeat listening and swiping the music from Mr. Love‘s house, I got the ol’ “Hey ummmm…. Where did my “Further” go?”. Now even though it was right in my car, I kinda played dumb for a little bit because I wasn’t done listening to it and I thought he wanted to take it with him to work or something. I ended up telling him “Ok well it’s in my car, but I am still using it!!”. My husband gave a little chuckle and says “Oh you know who they are right??” and of course I had no idea who they were, but I knew I was about to get the education on it anyway. Turns out, I come to find out that Solace was my husbands (and now mine) closest and dearest friends!! Years later after knowing all these silly boys for some time, I have to say that it’s always a FUN times with them!! But any way I was kinda taken back by it, I wanted proof OF ANY kind. A smile and a minute later, a box of pictures comes crawling out from the crypts of my husbands closet with pictures with him as a young lad (separately and joint) with (most) the members like [ex] Bill Belford, [ex] Rob Hultz and of course lead git and founder Tommy Southard which whom also played lead git for (when they got signed to Atlantic) Godspeed. I was pretty dumb founded and have had my mind blown every song, record and live show since! I just can’t wait to hear the rippers that will bleed off their new (momentarily unreleased) record “A.D.”

Solace (currently:Tommy Southard-lead git, founder, Jason-vocs, Justin Daniels-git, Duane-bass and Kenny Lund-drums) has played all over the world and met(AND played) some of my musical hero’s (Bruce Dickinson, Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Wino Weinrich of Spirit Caravan and The Obsessed…etc.). Their list of who they have played with is like a GREAT set of legs (it goes on for miles) and 98 % of their list consists of metal gods(doom metal/stoner rock/ heavy metal). And on top of it all they do probably the BEST rendition of Pentagrams “Forever My Queen”!!!

Well HAPPY Friday, hopefully you too will find “Solace” in this!

Lady’s & Gentlemen : The Black Black

“Khan(World of Fire)”
Destroy The Gift
The Devil’s Clock
“World War”


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