Idle Mode, Beers Tomorrow

Well I started writing this post when I was at work today, but then it got really weird and I felt as though I was opening up too much and letting too many people in on the sandylove secret.

So now I am sitting outside on my love swing, swinging to and fro! The humidity has really died down and the weather is absolutely wonderful and my cigarettes taste especially fine on this approaching night fall.

This is where I go a bit gay, honest and open on you! Here goes nothing:

10 things you may not know about me, even if you know me!

1. I love to read poetry and I write poetry, quite often actually. I have a bunch of lined, coil bound note books filled with several stages of emotions.

2. I am incredibly insecure with myself, but for whatever reason I completely love who I am and the women, wife and step parent I have become, regardless of how many times I blink my eyes!

3. When I was growing up, I was probably one of the least popular kids in school. I got picked on all the time because of the music I listened to, cause I collected records and the clothing I wore (I used to have to wear old clothes my mom wore growing up).

4. I’m a sucker for spoken words, even though my words are never well spoken!

5. I used to eat Ellio’s pizza growing up when we were poor, SOOOO much, that I will never EVER eat that crap ever again. A matter of fact, that shit will NEVER enter my house hold no matter HOW much anyone wants!

6. I hate the word “best friend” because I really don’t believe in BEST friends. 98.9% of my friends have proven nothing more then failure and flaunt dishonor! My friends that are my real friends, are my family and my family in a whole are my REAL bestfriends!

7. I’m way too much of a thinker and I over observe things WAY too much!

8. I totally have a fresh mouth when I put on my “cranky” pants.

9. I love watching “Gene Simmons: Family Jewels

10. Lastly for right now…. I am completely gay about Manowar. I don’t care I totally dig them. YES, I know most of you are NOT a Manowar fan, but to each his own! OH by the way, before ANYONE says ANYTHING about the loin cloth… SORRY they only wore them on like one record…so.

SO in saying that, here is a little Manowar clip I selected for your Thursday listening. Love it, leave it or throw it away…either way thats-a-what-a-your-a-gettin!

Besides… Nothing goes better to Manowar then my most FAVORITE movie in EVER… “300


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