I’m With Stupid

SO… what ever was wrong with Divshare, seems to be ok now! It’s just like a deconstructing relationship, at first your excited and it gives you all the attention you need but then after awhile it doesn’t want to give you anything, EVEN IF THEIR YOUR THINGS!…lololol! Hey, I have been in past relationships like that before…. nice, nice, nice… and then when you want out and/or your things…THEY THINK your things are now theirs!!!! I have lost a few records like that!

Come to think of it… If I could go back in time and retrieve everything I wasn’t aloud to “have back”… my closet would be full and me record collection would be a little more plentiful!

There I go again, completely diffuse and side tracked!

It’s actually not what I wanted to write about but heck, I wasn’t about to tamper with Divshare anymore… PLUS you know what they say about nit pickin’! On the other side of the fence I happen to enjoy the Black Oak a great deal!

Gathered and started in the mid 1960’s by “Dandy” Mangrum(lead vocs), and a hand full of his buddies (Squeezebox Evans [drums], Ricochet Reynolds [git], Goober Knight [git], Dirty Daugherty [bass] and Burley Jett [lead git] ). These good ol’ southern boys released their first S/T released in 1971 on ATCO records. Although their sound has always had a pretty fluid and consistent southern, dirty rock sound, I can’t say the same for members of the band because their line up changes had cycled so many times that it’s basically a story in it own right!

Well since I am kinda thinking right now is a good time to take a bath with Mr. Love I suppose I will leave you off with this…

((YAAAAAAWN))…. on the other hand, I think it’s time for the new GHI (Ghost Hunters International), their doing a castle in Ireland, so You know I’m not about to miss out on a castle!

Hot and Nasty
Uncle Lijiah
The Hills of Arkansas


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