Goes Without Saying

GOOD MORNING! <——— that WAS Saturday morning but,

GOOD Evening on Monday night, 10:51pm!

It’s really early, approximately 6:05am, up early to post this one really fast, then it’s off to the flea market to score some vinyl!!!

I’m not going into anything with this one,  because I think these guys greatness goes without saying, plus I will be doing another post of them, but I just actually had a dream that my husband and I were AT a Thin Lizzy show, and our car had gotten broken into…blah blah blah. I have to get to getting!

Well I have to tell you guys… I really don’t understand what divshare’s deal is… but I am reconsidering a music sharing network, because outside of my dislike for iTunes, I can not express my momentary disgust with divshare, either it won’t let me log in or it will let me log in… but it won’t let me share my folders!!

Makes me mad. 

Sorry about that I had to get that one out! Spent about an hour & 45 minutes in the tub flipping threw my mental stresses and ailments. Dozed off a bit, really got nothing much out of it but 20 pruned up phalanges! Still don’t feel relieved, cleansed of this anxiousness or free of my cranky pants!

Guess it’s just a bad day… so based on my crossed out explanation up top…. this is how this blog originated, but never the less I love the Lizz… a powerhouse, genius and collectively one of my many favorites:

Thin Lizzy’s fifth LP, “Fighting” released in 1975 on Mercury!

Silver Dollar
Fighting My Way Back


One Response to “Goes Without Saying”

  1. misteranono Says:

    If you just want to share tracks, might try http://iplaymp3.com/ . Your stuff stays there “for few month long”. Not really sure how long that is. My stuff’s been there about 4 months. They have short outages once every few of weeks, but they’re never down long. Maybe an few minutes to an hour at most.

    Oh, and thanks for the link!

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