Water, Water Everywhere…

Happy Friday!

It’s little late and just got done playing dueling guitar with my step-son while my husband lays fast asleep in the living room. OH by the way, I have absolutely NO musical conditioning when it comes to playing an instrument… cause, it’s a fact. I CAN’T PLAY! I just pretend, but I do play a mean AIR guitar…hehehe!

I guess in lue of a story that I told my girlfriend about the other day. Kinda of an odd one if you ask me!

I was driving down the road on my way to my mothers house, and a Dover was riding along side of me, as I was blasting THIS record (Iron Maiden-Powerslave) and the Dover was making this REALLY strange gestger with his hand. I thought he was asking me if I was DRINKING in “sign language”, so I rolled down my window and reply with “EXCUSE me?!?!”. Turns out that’s what he wanted, for me to roll down my window. The cop was like “Hey is that Maiden your listening to”…. of course I said “yes”, meanwhile I was thinking… “what gave it away buddy, Dickinson’s voice, or Steve Harris’s 20 fingers?”. Well but anyway he then asked me which album, my reply: “Powerslave”. THEN, he was like “What’s a pretty little thing like you listening to heavy metal for?”….

Long story short, CAUSE I LIKE IT!!!!! … 60 seconds of my life being badger by our townships “finest”….I mean are they even ALLOWED to do that?..hehehe

So here you go, a prodigy of NWOBHM and metal masters for the ages… I give you Iron Maiden’s fifth full track LP, Bruce Dickinson’s (previously singer for Samson) third record with the band, after Paul Di’Anno’s departure in mid to late 1981. Powerslave released in 1984 on Capitol records. A GREAT record to say the least!

Losfer Words
The Duellists
Rime Of The Ancient Mariner


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