Sighs of Relief, A Nap in the Park

Well the weekend is over, and yet another work week begins… drowning me in work that’s not always easy to come up… “on top” with.

Before I get started, this is actually one of like three covers I have seen for this LP, the one I own has like a greenish hue to it, and I have ALSO seen a third cover that has a brownish hue to it…

I’m not going to really go into “SO MUCH” detail about Robin Trower, because I am at work on this crazy Monday afternoon, as I said up top….

So in short…

I was introduced to Trower a little later in life and personally, in my opinion…he could very well be the WHITE Jimi Hendrix! Well since this phone won’t stop ringing today, really fast, here it goes… are you ready…

I give you Trower, post Procol Harum, which he was the git player for from 1967 to 1972, then set onto a personal quest to enunciate his own musical freedom as a musician. Turning to his own solo project, bringing with him, Reg Isidore on drums and James Dewar on bass and lead vocs releasing their first studio album in 1973 (Twice Removed From Yesterday on Chrysalis), which leads me to the end of MY dock where THIS ship has sailed for this afternoon…

It’s 1974 and the release of Trower’s second LP (Bridge of Sighs again on Chrysalis), which may not only be his most notable album, but one of his very best as well!

I love this album because it is perfect from start to finish, although I happen to think that Twice Removed From Yesterday  is pretty perfect too… but this one I might just have to give it a THIRD “thumbs up”…

I hate to cut this one short, but I am sure I will be on this topic again!!! BUT in the mean while ENJOY!!!

Day Of The Eagle

Lady Love

The Fool And Me

**EDIT: I actually DID write this on Monday, but thanks to the wonderful world of Divshare and it’s inability to let me get into my account…. has prolonged my posts…**


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