Very ‘Eavy!!!

This afternoon was ABSOLUTELY perfect.. it was warm, NOT HUMID…just NICE!!! But anyway, I’m gonna play an awesome piece and a prequel to their successes as a rock/psych/heavy metal British band!

Released in 1970 on Mercury, here lies a “masterpiece” if you will, is Uriah Heep’s debut album (Very ‘Eavy… Very ‘Umble) and my favorite (my second favorite being: “Demons and Wizard” released in 1972 on Mercury), it’s amazing, heavy and completely PUSHES itself on you… and then… redundantly placing it’s sound even when your not listening to it, YEAH I totally love this one! There are no “fences” in this case!!

The cover that I present on my post is ACTUALLY their U.S. RE-release  cover and the only cover that I have seen, well actually I’m lying because I HAVE seen the original cover on the internet, it’s some guy with cob webs all over his face… it’s pretty cool!

SO, The story goes something like…

First off I have to say that my father was and STILL is a massive Uriah Heep fan and owned every Heep vinyl from 1970 up till about 1978 or so.

It was pretty knarly to me, that every time I would hear THIS album in particular… my eyes would grow about 2 sizes bigger and my brain was saying “OHHHH YEAH … extremities, commence to ROCKIN baby!” as the collaboration of the entire band, even though David Byron (lead vocs), Ken Hensley (keys & backing vocs) AND Mick Box (lead git & vocs) made for a naturally definitive sound that would rush over at least ONE of the many definitions to “heavy metal” and “rock N roll” for me! I suppose that’s why I love the “Heep” so much, their sound is nothing less then timeless and also had this crazy ability to embrace so many forms and waves of music, almost as if there was a tun of individual single performances taking place in each mans head, each different, each unique, each POWERFUL, but together ONE masterpiece.

Wait, well…isn’t that what every great band aspires up from the roots of?…collective confusion with a mixure of something crazy…ummm yeah, OH WHO CARES what I think.. heheheeh … just have a listen, you’ll see what I am trying to get at!!!!!!

Bird of Prey


One Response to “Very ‘Eavy!!!”

  1. WhosThatLady Says:

    I enjoyed the physical illustration in this piece. I too am a fan of the “Heep” as you call them. I am not sure if your father has ever had a chance to see them play live but take it from me, it is a magical moment in time.

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