The Stone Poneys

I am feeling a little sulky today, I really don’t know why, but I seem to feel a burden of stress weighing down on me!

I suppose this is all part of life, you know what they say!

“LIFE’S GAME:: It’s not always about winning the game, it’s about not for-fitting and not losing. Life about staying IN the game”

OH WELL, right now I give you a fancy folk piece that I always loved, merely because I have ALWAYS been a fan of Linda Ronstadt’s perpetual voice!

This was not only the Stone Poneys first project (released in 1967, S/T on Capitol) but it was also L. Ronstadts’ first group, which end up being a massive success for the folk/rock group …but ironically enough it also drove a super success train her way too! By 1968 after the release of their third album (Stone Poneys and Friends Vol. III-and VERY underrated I must say) a balance of inconsistencies and outside desires made way for the bands demise, and Linda would pull out gracfully and took a stab at her own solo career in 1970 with the release of “Hand Sown” which is another perfect peppy LP! But in any case here are a few off this “pick me up” record!

Just a Little Bit Of Rain

Train and The River

Sweet Summer Blue and Gold


One Response to “The Stone Poneys”

  1. Jake Thee Pope Says:

    Don’t sulk — look at this!

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