Why With The Salty AGAIN?!

It seems to me that this salty Jersey weather is a never ending cycle of patchy rainy patterns, either when it’s my day OFF, if we have something planned out or if it is a holiday! It’s almost like I have to call out of work JUST to hit a nice sunny day to get little bit of color!

AHHH… stupid Jersey with our cancer water and dirty beaches…lololol…nah just kidding about that, I actually enjoy living right on the water and NJ in a whole.

Well but anyway, there I go getting off topic again… HAPPY 4TH to all y’all!!!!

I decided since that last time it was salty out I wrote a post about Wishbone Ash, I figured..hey, let us let the cycle continue this afternoon with a few songs off their 1972 release “Argus” on MCA. This happens to be WBA’s third LP and noted as “album of the year” in 1972, and some may have considered this the best album they ever released, but I beg to differ with that, because in my opinion their FIRST was the best!!!! Totally rippin’ and PERFECT!


…. I stepped away for a minute right… had a cig or two and guess what, I TOTALLY changed my mind, I am actually listening to this LP as we speak and I am completely on the fence about which one is better!!! God I love how music is so flirtatious!!

On top of the greatness of this record lays a fun fact, and it is pretty much self explanatory as far as visuals go. It has been said that the cover for this album inspired G. Lucas‘s vision of Darth Vader in the Star Wars movies! Now I am not sure HOW true it is, but it seems about as right as my eyes can see!

Well here’s a few rippers off side A, ENJOY! and I am off to see the fireworks now!

The King Will Come


Throw Down The Sword


2 Responses to “Why With The Salty AGAIN?!”

  1. Jake Thee Pope Says:

    “I am actually listening to this LP as we speak and I am completely on the fence about which one is better!!! God I love how music is so flirtatious!!”

    Oh man– that was absolutely adorable AND brilliant! You’re really starting to find your own voice as a writer… keep ’em comin’.

    Oh, and “Argus” is my fave W.B. LP, btw. Unfuckwithable.

  2. I really was on the fence there my friend!!! I Love the Wishbone….

    Would you WRITE SOMETHING damnit!!!!…
    keep rockin brother!!

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