Let’s Dust Off Our “Love”

Finding cute of the fact that LOVE can be found in countless places, whether it be in a pile of records leaning against a telephone pole, at a bonfire almost eight years ago or a mutual love for fancy food and fancy beer, makes me dig into an old bin to dust off a little “Love”!

 I’ve kinda been in a slump the last couple days since my grandmother passed away and haven’t really had an open mind for writing about anything, so I think it’s time to share MY “Love” and spread it around like an epidemic!


Here’s a fancy piece that had me awake at 5:50am this morning, while in mid spin as I debate back and forth about driving to Buffalo, NY to stand at my mother side while she grieves over the death of her mother.

My conclusion: I spoke to my mother, she’s on her way back to Jersey as we speak and I will be going up to NY with her when she goes in two weeks…. So at least I won’t have to feel guilt ridden and sulky!

A completely perfect LP, released in 1967 on Elektra that bleeds psych, rock n roll, folk with side order of unpretentious unorganization and were able to really make it work out for them, ESPECIALLY in their almost 20 minute musical banter “Revelation”, which is a GREAT song AND I probably won’t be giving it to you because IT IS almost 20 minutes long and I do want to sit in the tub by myself!!! So… I know that most of you who know “Love”, know them for their third release (also released in 1967) “Forever Changes“. Now don’t get me wrong “Forever Changes” is another prefect LP but, I think personally, I emotionally relate to “De Capo” a little more!

AND unfortunately tides change and cause slow drifts in the stability of their foundation, as the bands addictions and personality conflicts would have it… sometimes when you fall, you need a paramedic to help find your footing. Sometimes you disappear (cause half the band is dead), as for founder Arthur Lee, come 1972 he would start a new chapter in his life with his solo career, “Vindicator” which I always thought fit him real well because he was always feeling vindicated about other musicians and artists.

Although Lee lays well as a legacy and inspiration for rock, he eventually found himself reckless and broke before landing himself in jail for illegal possession of a gun for a bunch of years (11 or 12 I think). Shortly after his release from jail… touring back and forth in lue of “Love” (without original band members who had passed), he was diagnosed with leukemia and will all the efforts of health care and treatments, the cancer would take control of his destiny as death was curtain with his passing in 2006.

WELL AT LEAST HE DIDN’T DIE OF A DRUG OVER DOSE like most brilliant artist!

Enjoy the tracks below!!!!!

Stephanis Knows Who
Seven & Seven is
The Castle


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