Rich City Kids

(This one is for my pal over at Spending Loud Night, I suggest you pick at what you can of his brain before it’s too late)

Back to the ol’ score board of rock N roll, I give a awesome addition to my NWOBHM category.

A band that actaully was a prequal to NWOBHM in 1974 when Tino Troy(vocs, git) and his brother Christopher (bass, vocs) created “Praying Mantis”, I guess hoping for a high class britsh rock sound, which never really happened too successfully in the 70’s but never the less come 1981… with the release of their first full track LP, “Time Tells No Lies” on Arista.

~Praying Mantis~


Now for any of you reading this (and you know who you are)… don’t just turn your ears off to the brilliance of the band just because of the sleave artwork… because although these fancy four horsemen had a great sound in a whole, and including the whole new wave sound… they really encorporated a GREAT 70’s rock sound to the record too!

I would love to tell you that I have had this record for years and years, and give a great educational story of my own personal knowledge on the band, BUT I can’t because this record is actually fairly new to our vinyl family and I don’t really know ALL that much about them, other then what I have read in mags and books before. Never the less, I can assure you that I think you will really enjoy the sound!!!

See you all tomorrow!!!!

Running For Tomorrow

Rich City Kids

Panic In The Streets


2 Responses to “Rich City Kids”

  1. Jake Thee Pope Says:

    I’m glad you didn’t pick their horrid cover of “All Day & All of the Night”– man, talk about “ill-advised”! My fave has always been “Flirting With Suicide,” what a great riff! Sad to think these guys barely got a kick at the can when today all you need to do is play karaoke on TV and become a national “darling” overnight. At least they could actually write songs and play their instruments.

    Thanks for the shout-out.

  2. yeah I completely agree with you. I thought the cover was a poor choice, but all in all it’s a great piece. And you know what they say, as long as your sucking it…. you’ll have luck in it!!!!… ahhhh today, lolol, nothing they could EVER do, will EVER compare to yesterdays sound, and I mean from SPEED to Lead…everything has ALREADY been done… anything that takes pride,passion and talent… all “today” can do is TRY to live up to yesterday…and these “gag gigs” don’t even do that!!!!


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