Heavy Load…of git LICKS

A special Saturday afternoon treat for you, from a Swedish band, which I guess you could put them in the same genre as “Running Wild”, which is Viking Metal. This particular song is off their second album “Death or Glory” released in 1982 and oddly enough, somewhere down the line I ended up with the sleave…but the vinyl is missing?!, don’t really know how or why that is, but… … I guess this means I am gonna have to play “huckle-buckle-beanstalk”…YEAH you remember that game as a kid don’t you!!!!…lolol

Either way it’s not in it’s home so I guess it’s MIA temporarily….


But in any event, my husband and I are going to have a few cocktails over at the shore to have some mindless chatter!!!!… oh, and what a PERFECT DAY for such a thing!




One Response to “Heavy Load…of git LICKS”

  1. SuperTrixster Says:

    I found this album at a garage sale last summer, some old lady sold it to me. She said she didnt know where it came from cause her and her husband don’t listen to that “crazy loud” music.

    Great record, awesome video you have her girl, and great post!

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