High Falootin’ Woman

My day at work was absolutely horrendous… it was a very busy week in the office by myself, the pathologist are super needy as always…ahhh I guess it’s ok. but in any turn, I want to spin a little “pick-me-up” to get the weekend groovin’

~Grand Funk Railroad~

The album I’ll be spinnin on this gorgeous June afternoon is actually their second (as some might disagree), their first was “On Time” which was released BEFORE the red album in MID 1969, as their second S/T “red album” was released months later in LATE 1969 on Capitol records, which was released as both single sleave and gatefold….happy to say… i have both!

The threesome (Mark Farner -founder and vocs, keys and git, Mel Schacher – bass, Don Brewer-“co” founder and vocs, drums) were exactly what they were called… they were a bunch of soulful, funky rockers who placed their name VERY well in American history, even calling themselves “THE American Band”… hense their infamous hit “We’re An American Band” off their 1973 release, again on Capitol “We’re An American Band”. The sound that these boys put out, had a distinction, that went without saying. Anytime that I have ever spun and played this at my folks house, it was and STILL is one of the few bands that they don’t have to say “OHHH Man… who this again…?!?” because if you have ever heard the likes of the “Funk”…YOU KNOW… that you ALREADY know who it is. Just like a form fitting outfit, it’s a perfect listen from side A to side B. I actaully played nothing BUT GFR all day at work today, I knew I was going to need it, to get me by! Rock on, and Funk out!

Got This Thing On The Move

Mr. Limousine Driver



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