Love is a Mockery

Before I go onto this closet, guilty pleasure… I just want to say “HEY SORRY I’VE BEEN AWAY for a few days”… just been busy with my family and work!

SO I know that I mock this band ALL THE DAY LONG to my friends, but the actual REAL REALITY of it, is that I only pick on them because I truly do like them… I just don’t like to tell everyone… WELL I SUPPOSE I am screwed NOW!!…

My husband and I are MASSIVE fans of the TV show “Family Guy”, and we were watching it on Father’s Day… and this episode came on, where Peter sings…. WELL…here watch it really fast, it’s only like 20 seconds long.

OH GOD RIGHT….mmmmmmmmmmm I love that show… really brings that retarded, “funny little brain” out in me!!!

But as I was saying I actually do like that album (Business As Usual-82′ on Columbia), closetly… as I play it alone in my living room when NO ONE is around!!!!

These Australian men, WERE really at work too (no pun intended) putting out this new wave sound, almost like music of the islands. Five guys, making 100 sounds. I remember, being a little bit of a thing, dancing around to “Men At Work”, I think it just made me really happy… I remember listening to “People Just Love to Play With Words”… thinking to myself…YEAH I WANT TO PLAY… not really realizing the depth and the painful reality of the song…hehehe.

Colin Hay can actually be found doing solo gigs around, now a days. His voice is still GREAT… and apparently he is doing pretty well for himself… of course “Down Under” the usual acoustic hit!

SO but here is my fast one of the night… just because it won’t stop repeating in my HEAD

OH GOD… it’s thundering and lighting out pretty BAD here in NJ right now… so I am gonna make this quick so I can SHUT down for the night…talk to you all TOMORROW!!!

Down Under

Helpless Automation

 “Catch A Star



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