Shake That Fat

Here’s a little number that gets a girls butt-a-wigglin’! The first time I had ever hear these guys I was actually on a bus driving to vocational school, my junior year. My bus driver was always pretty cool, she always, ALWAYS played rock N roll and with the occasional metal, and THE KEY THING WAS… she used to let smoke cigs at the back of the bus….lololol… oh man I’ll never forget Mrs. Dickerson. As I never forgot the catchy tune of “Run, Run Run” and was pretty happy that I ended up with the vinyl years later with my husband!

~Jo Jo Gunne~

Now I am not sure who is familiar with the “Gunne”, but for those of you who are not, the band was actually formed by Jay Ferguson(lead vocs, git & keys) and Mark Andes(bass & vocs)  after they left BOTH left Spirit in 1971, as Jo Jo Gunne was a two man side project in the making.

Of course Mark was steadfast to recruit his brother Matt Andes to play lead git and back up vocs, along with their long time friend and musician Curly Smith to play drums.


These handsome foursome released their first LP on Asylum records in 1972, simply called “Jo Jo Gunne” and my personal favorite of the bunch. Matt’s brother Mark left the band shortly after the release of this album to be replaced by Jim Randall to play bass, as he tried introducing a bit of a different sound to the band, but you know what they say “If it’s not broke, DON’T fix it”, well it broke. Jo Jo Gunne would release three more (Bite Down Hard in 73, Jumpin The Gunne late 73 and So Where’s The Show 74) records and I can attest, that non of the others had the heart and drive of their S/T album, even though Bite Down Hard wasn’t too bad, the proverbial glass was “half empty”, rather then half full! This inevitably would be the cause of the bands demise in 1975!

Run, Run, Run
Academy Award
Shake That Fat
Barstow Blues Eyes


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