Shock Treatment

OK so I did more of my cleaning for the night… THAT’S IT FOR SANDY LOVE!!! I might be somebodies wife, but lets face it, WHO LIKES CLEANING THE KITCHEN?? I need to take a minute to write a quick little something/something about this here band that is LUCKLY motivating me to clean… AND non-the less is motivating me AWAY from the cleaning and placing me in front of the idiot box to write this!!!

We are all familiar of the UNIQUE sound of NWOBHM. The sound of anthem and angst!!!

Now see, the reason why I am mentioning about NWOBHM is because ALTHOUGH these guys are a product of the USA, they have a VERY NWOBHM sound. Actually, singer Tom Gattis has a VERY Bruce Dickenson(esk) like sound.

 Released in 1986 on Torrid records (Tom Gattis-vocs, Bill Giddlings-drums, Tim O’Connor-bass and last but not least Tim Meadows-lead git), punching massive double bass drums, crazy fast git solos… deep tone finger lickin good bass and OF COURSE as I already said…the vocals, AWESOME!… and a totally genuine hardcore sound! Time to flip the record and continue my efforts towards “cleanliness is next to Godliness”

OK that’s it for me…if I write anymore, then I won’t clean anymore. SO… priorities, priorities. Sorry I have to keep it so short but… a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do!! I will get you back, I promise!!!

Thrash Out!!

One Nation

Wrecking Crew

 “Reach For Your Sword



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