Course You Couldnt Do Better Without Me!.!.!.!

Back on track on this muggy Sunday afternoon.

Enjoying the A/C…

Ok, So my husband and I were at this place in Bordentown, NJ (The Record Collector) and scored a bunch or metal, pysch and RnR. Spent a little more then I would like to mention, but WELL worth it!

Among the all the vinyl we welcomed into the “Loves” humble abode was this one… one that looked like STRAIGHT metal…Satan’s on the sleeve playing a violin… all looks heavy and doomy!!!

A perfect case of “things aren’t what they seem”… complete ROCK N ROLL!!!

Now I have to be completely honest with you, I have never heard of these guys before this weekend. And I haven’t been able to stop listening to them ever since… their meaning and development is so in-touch with an emotional energy… almost like Wishbone Ash..but different… … in a womanly kind of way!

It’s definetly empowering…for me!


Here’s all I know… SO FAR (I will be back on this I am sure)

The band is “Coven”, album..Blood On The Snow, the year was 1974, ours is pressed on Buddah records. Apparently they started off as a pysch band (which I couldn’t tell you, for this is the only record I have of theirs). Women singer (Jinx Dawson-A rippin singer) with the occasional vocs of Christopher Neilsen (also the lead git), her bassist was Oz Osbourne (I just thought it was kinda funny) I think you should probabaly give them a try… I think you’ll find fond of the music!!! There’s some SICK git solo’s!!!!

Feel free to drop me a line, if you have any insight on this great band!

 Here we go…enjoy!!

Blue, Blue Ships

Blood On The Snow

Easy Evil


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