Burn The White Witch

Here is a little treat that goes without saying.

Early Angel Witch is probably the best, not to say that their later releases totally BLEW, because I am sure that I would have many that would disagree. But in my mind… Angel Witch IS 1980, S/T on Bronze with Kevin Heybourne howling the vocals and lead git and of course the pulsating drums of Dave Hogg and definitive sound of bassist Kevin “Skids” Riddles. Angel Witch lived a short life… living through and etching their place in the NWOBHM era, then through constent line-up changes fell apart by mid 1981, as Heybourns joined “Deep Machine”. Heybourne tried to RE-live the Angel Witch dream once more in 1982. His efforts would be all for not (no album was notibley recorded during this time) and Angel Witch would once again die… and wouldn’t see another resurrection until 85′. A few albums were recorded (1985, 1986) after Heybourne left in late 1981 and again in late 1982…. but Angel Witch would never know the fame and sound it once was noted for.

Although most NWOBHM bands stimulated elements of punk through their music, it was truly bands LIKE Angel Witch, Maiden, Riot, Diamond Head, Judas Priest, Motorhead and Raven that introduced us to this “heavier” sound of black leather wearing 80’s metal over seas, while in the interim we had Glam making a bigger face (go figure). Something that wouldn’t fly over the states, or the world for that matter! But instead would make its way to our lives and our fists and our record players, inspiring bands like early Metallica (who covered a few Diamond Head’s songs).

If you haven’t heard of Angel Witch, here’s your chance to totally WOW yourself with this awesome trio. Got to get ready to go to work now… … WHAT?! It’s Wednesday, OF COURSE I have work!! I can’t just sit around and talk about music all day…lololol (even though that would be CHOICE)!!!

White Witch




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