To Think Just Yesterday… is RIGHT now for Him!

When I look at my step-son, and the music he has retreated to, and the onward record collecting that he has started just like his father and step mom… it kinda makes me feel like “WOW I really am doing a good job as a “co”-parent”. And on the other side of the fence, through the life changing years (in my opinion) 10-13yrs+ old (he’s 13 now) and he has really been turning into a little man and it really makes me soo very proud of the kinda father my husband is.

See now I have been around this young little lad since he was 7 (I met him a year after my husband and I were dating) and I just kinda laugh at how NOW he (my step-son) is reminding me of things that I fell in love with as a young gal.

Of course most of us remember the Misfits… the Misfits with Glen Danzig anyway. I remember after Glen left for his solo career, I remember drifting away to follow Glen for awhile… then gave the Misfits with Michale Graves a RE-listen… and if I remember correctly… I was unimpressed (at the time) how he basically was trying to fill G. Danzig’s shoes… copying the zombie, spooky “doo-wop” tracks. I remember being kinda upset about it. Then didn’t pick it back up for SEVERAL yrs later.

Now my step-son is a MASSIVE Misfits fan… definetly a “Fiend Club” member! He owns ALOT of their albums… most of them anyway. Then one day he was like “OH Sand..Sand can I put my ipod on for a minute… …” so of course… I did.

and BEHOLD he puts on the Misfits… the very Misfits that I totally forgot about… well, more like put on the back burner.

So this is for him, and his adoration for the Misfits… Hope you didn’t forget about it too!! ENJOY!



Saturday Night

Living Hell


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