Shady Politician In My Bed

Being a chick, I think all girls grew up playing music while in the tub or shower. You know, you would put in a favorite disc or tape, press play and at let the cleansing begin. But never in my life had I ever played an LP while in the bath I was growing up… moving the turntable/A-track player/table/storage component was definitely an unthinkable task anyway, it was big, bulky and not loud enough to hear in the tub. Until I met my husband anyway.

The first time my husband and I EVER were in the tub together he had put some vinyl on to spin while we were relaxing… and I remember thinking “Oh how romantic, this guy wants to put on a bit of a flashy flare for me…. … ‘yeah this JUST MIGHT last'”. Weeks, months, YEARS… and still to this day… we still spin records in the tub together…every time, never skips a beat.

SO YEAH it was romantic, still is.

So yesterday we were in the tub, his pick this time…played some metal on this occasion. Did the norm, of course. Smoked a bunch of cigs, talk, sit, stare… then relax a bit more.

So we got out… but it was SO super muggie out last night that it wasn’t enough, I needed to sit in there a bit longer. I went in the back retrieved the turntable from the back room, put it on the toilet seat… and went searching for another record to spin.

Flipped through the bins…. as the words “AHHHH yes this is EXACTLY what I want to hear” uttered from my mouth.

~T. Rex~

I have always loved T. Rex. Hell I think Marc Bolan is an absolute genius, and an innovator. There is actually NO WORDS (’s just PERFECT) to describe my love for this album (The Slider). Released in 1972 on Reprise records, their third record as T.Rex (prior to the short hand in 1970, they were actually named after the dinosaur from 1968 to early 70) and I although I love the first as T.Rex (S/T, late 1970 on Fly records), I think this one really has a great way of making the gears in my brain turn. Makes my butt wiggle and makes me realize how grateful I am to have fallen in love with a bathtub listener. THANK YOU MARC BOLAN…RIP… See you in Heaven!!!


Mystic Lady

Rock On

Baby Strange

Chariot Choogle

Buick Mackane

~ I had to put a few extras on… I just love this album… I wanted to post the whole thing… but..that’s for you to discover on your own journey ~


3 Responses to “Shady Politician In My Bed”

  1. Listening to vinyl while in the tub sounds amazing. Just keep the electricity far away please!

  2. hehehe… sounds like a motive to me!!! hehehe..

  3. […] not only found a creative punch line with Zappa, but also joined Marc Bolan’s band     T. Rex for a short […]

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