When A Guitar Cries…

We all know what it’s like to shed tears, we know how it feels, we know the sound of human tears… the sound of pain and hurt!

Normally I like to put out a few songs from an album, so that you can get a real feel for the integrity of a group. Today I am going to give you only one song, and I feel that it’s important because I think you need to know what it sounds like when a guitar cries REAL tears. Now I am BY no means in a sad, distressed mood and actually I am in a GREAT mood on this MORE then perfect pre-summer day!! “Life’s Like A River” is actually not even a sad song at all, infact the song itself is a pretty positive song about life and the importance of NOT taking the things that mean the most in life for granted.

The entire record is nothing short of a masterpiece! It is from the Scorpions third record (In Trance), released in 1975 on RCA. It was actually released TWO times, the first (European press) with the “money shot” showing, and the second time (US press, because it was too provocative), they Rereleased cover, same girl, but the blackened out her nipple. And YES we do have both copies. The Scorpions actually had a habit of releasing totally risky-biz covers, that were rereleased for a cleaner, “more appropriate” covers. (EX: In Trance, Virgin Killer, Taken By Force, Lovedrive, Love At First Sting and a few after that)

But in any case, I wanted to really talk about “Life’s Like A River” in a whole, rather then the whole LP. When the song starts off, immediately you feel the blood flow like wine from Ulrich Roth and Rudolf Schenker hands, straight into the strings and out of the amp, giving you the most definitive goose bumps ever, and when Klaus Meine breaks in with those pipes of his….it is of UNSPEAKABLE proportions!! As I said before, the song really isn’t about pain, hurt and sadness. And see that why I love a WELL written song. Well written, meaning a song composed from a concentrated state of mind and that’s EXACTLY what was going on here. Built to make you feel just as the song feels… to remind you of your status as a peer, a spouse, a lover, a friend, a mother, a daughter and just basically as a person in general. It lets you know, HOW sad things could be, without the things you NEED and/or love, but also rejoices the purity and simplicity of everyday life around you! And thus, the guitar cries REAL tears, all in effort to make change and set a precedence to make a noble speech with out saying anything at all!!! At least it makes me feel ALL those things and then brings me back down to a place where I know I should be no matter what kinda of mood I am in. It breaks ground for me.

Enjoy the tears… the REAL tears of a guitar!!

Life’s Like A River


4 Responses to “When A Guitar Cries…”

  1. Jake Thee Pope Says:

    Uli Roth is thee man! Could never get into that bubblegummy bullshit they started doing after he left– of course, that’s when they got famous, so shows what I know. Great choice– though my fave track is “Sun in My Hand,” which sounds so ridiculously like Hendrix I gotta think Uli had a nice stash of the good drugs.

  2. I know… they were DEFINETLY better off with Roth, that’s for sure!! I love the whole LP, it’s great and TIMELESS…. 1975… drugs ruled the music scene… !!!!

  3. I was lucky enough to see Uli John Solo

  4. I can’t that the same unfortunetly!

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