Hell Hath No Fury!!

OK well it has officially been said that I am Lita Ford’s daughter…lololol. Since I am a complete fan of chicks that can throw down like Lita Ford, Lee Aaron, Girlschool, Bitch…ect…I think I am going to give you an attempt at a totally ripping metal chick band, covered in leather with voices molded straight from a steel factory!

~Rock Goddess~

This record has only been “paying” rent to my collection for about 8 months when I stumbled across it at “The Record Store” in Howell, Nj off of Rt 9. I was picking through the bins, I already had a bunch in my hand and the one fella that works there was like, “Excuse me Ma’am, you know where having a sale right, buy one get one…..” so I decided “OK let me trace back and see if I can find some more, make my purchase an even 20 bucks”. Start back at the beginning, found a few more… then flipped to these sassy looking females, and thought to myself…. “They look cool, HOPE their not, glammy and gay!” because you know that feeling right, when you buy something MERELY because it looks super cool or badass, or rocky, or pyschy or WHAT HAVE YOU… but if you’re a collector, I’m sure this has happened to you too!!!! So I slipped it under my arm pit anyway… paid the nice boy off, got in my car to be on my way.

So now I am home right, spinning all my new scores when I come to my “questionable” purchase, figured “Might as well let myself down now…lololol”…so needless to say, when the record started to play, I was like…”Ummm…not too bad at all”! Don’t get me wrong, they do have their glammy, gay parts… but in a whole this English nwobhm group is pretty good!

Front(wo)man Jody Turner(vocs,git) and her kid sister(Julie Turner-drums)actually started the band as young kids. Growing for the interest of touring, they recruited a couple of school pals to join, one of which (Tracey Lamb) ended up leaving and joining one of my ALL time favorite girl bands, Girlschool, replacing her for bassest Dee O’Malley  to record their second album, “Hell Hath No Fury” released in 1984 on A&M, which is what I am giving you today!!!…

I know this might be pretty gay of me and you don’t have to like it, most people aren’t fans of female metal groups… a matter of fact I have actually been told, that “metal has no thrown for a womens bones”… but that’s why the person who said that too me has a NORMAL job and knows NOTHING about a womens FURY!!!

God Be With You

Hell Hath No Fury

You’ve Got Fire


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