We all have our “Vices”

Ok well here we go.. I am going to spin this record just for ME!!! I’m feeling dirty…SEXY DIRTY, so I am going to give you a little something for your libido… well at least these guys get me all wet in the pants!!
~Cirus of Power~
Don’t get me wrong I love their first (it’s just plan heavy and the sound is perfect) album, S/T, 1988 on RCA… but if I was a dude… “Vices” and “Magic & Madness” would get my dick hard! But I’m not…so wet panties is what this gal is getting…with their tattoo’s, hair, dirty lyrics, SWEET ASS git licks..mmmmm! “Magic & Madness” is actually the only C.O.P. record I don’t own on vinyl, I do own it on tape… but that doesn’t do me much good, seeing how I don’t own the tape/MP3 converter (YET!). So we’re going to switch to my other favorite, “Vices

Released in 1990 on RCA, “Vices” was the boys (the almighty Alex Mitchell-Vocs, Zowie-Bass, Ryan Maher-Drums and Ricky Mahler, Gary Sunshine-Gits) third record. The next year after “cordial” fights with the band… Zowie was asked to remove himself from the band and was replaced with Vic Indrizzo, who actually recorded “Magic & Madness” with the band in 1993. The year before (1992) releasing “Magic & Madness” the band also switched record labels, turning to Columbia in hopes for this new crazy magic… but unfortunately the band broke up in 1995. Alex Mitchell has made comments here and there of reuniting for a short tour with the guys… but Alex is a busy guy these days… taking part in side projects like Fat Nancy so…we’ll see how well a COP reunion pans out…

Take a bite of your own “Vice”

Gates of Love


Junkie Girl

Simple Man/Simple Women


2 Responses to “We all have our “Vices””

  1. Jake Thee Pope Says:

    Um… I need a cigarette now.

  2. hehehehehe… I’ll go with that!

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