Take Me For A Little While

I guess you can tell by my title that I was going to write about the first Vanilla Fudge record, but since I am currently spinning “Rock N Roll” I suppose I will write about it!!!

It’s been a busy long hard day at work today, my chest and shoulders are soooo incredibly burnt, that it made my day that much harder to deal with… and I kept singing the lyrics to “Street Walking Women” all day, so the only remedy I had for that, was to put it on AS soon as I walked in the door!!!!

“Rock N Roll” released in 1969 on Atco, was actually their last studio recorded album they put out, and OF COURSE tenitively RIGHT before the band (Carmine Appice-drums {Vinnie Appice’s bro}, Mark Stein-lead vocs & keys, Vince Martell-git, Timmy Bogert-bass) broke up in 1970.

The Fudge got alot of fuss for kinda being a cover band… and I can see how, because they DID cover a few of Beatles hits, the Supremes in their day… I think really it was a form of “homage” so to speak. Who knows, but I do know, is that I LIKE the Fudge, I don’t care what the bathroom walls say!!!

But MY SKIN IS ON FIRE, and I need to go get some aloe!!!!

Need Love

Street Walking Women

If You Gotta Make a Fool Of SomeBody


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