When I Was A Kid

OK well I think we all remember being a youngster, more times then not. That’s why I feel like giving you something to laugh about… let’s just hope I don’t have to remove the excerpt, like I had to do for my Dangerfield post (damn lawyers, and their greediness…HE’S DEAD FOR GODSAKE)!!

But Bill Cosby is the man, he always makes me laugh… I remember as a kid my folks used to sit us down in front of the boob tube to watch him!

~Bill Cosby – When I Was A Kid~

Now see from time to time I like to write about comedy, because comedy “stints” were a HUGE thing for my family, we always watched and listened to comedy… and growing up in the church, I suppose that comedy was one of the few things that my father felt was an appropriate family activity. Even though comedy, was fun to watch and listen too, I don’t think my parents really realized how riskay comedians really were, well they probably did, they just didn’t think  we were pickin’ up what they were putting down…. ohhhhhhhhhhh but we WERE!!!

I got  little older (probably about 12-13) and I will NEVER forget when my mother thought it would be a good “mother/daughter” afternoon, watching “Up In Smoke” and I will never EVER forget how funny it was and then… my dad walked in on the part where Cheech and Chong or powdering their faces with dildo powder bottles… and he was like “WHAT THE HELLLLLLLLLLLL ARE YOU LETTING HER WATCH!!!!!”… needless to say it was instantly turned (for a later date to be completed,thanks mom for making me laugh my ass off)!!!

But Bill, he was always so goog at bringing me back into… well into a child like state of mind, always talking about his childhood, and as he got older he would always talk about HIS kids!!! One of these days, I will have to turn you onto some of his REALLY early stuff that I have… it’s just as funny!!!!

Well have a laugh on me!!!

Side B of When I Was A Kid


2 Responses to “When I Was A Kid”

  1. Listen to the Whole Things over coffee before my AM Shower

    I’m a huge fan, Of course I grew Up watchin the Cosby Show

    The Dog Bit is Awesome

  2. dkpresents Says:

    Thanks for the Cheech & Chong story – hilarious!

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