They Call Me The Gangsta of Love

Now I am going to keep it TOTALLY real with you people, I am not really a rap fan, BY ANY MEANS… A matter of fact, The Beastie Boys and old Run DMC are pretty much the only rap I can tolerate. But just the other day, Mr. Love turned me onto probably the absolutely most HARDCORE, lyrically graphic rappers in EVER!!!… I am sure others would disagree, BUT in my personal opinion…. IT’S BAD… I don’t know ANYTHING about these guys, other then the fact that … THEY SCARE ME!! They have sicker songs then this particular one, but this one kinda actually gets groovy in the middle when they are rappin to “sweet home alabama”..ckeck it out..

You only get one song, but I can assure you…. You’re gonna be like “What the F*ck is wrong with these niggaz”!!!!!!!

Gangsta of Love


One Response to “They Call Me The Gangsta of Love”

  1. Steve Miller ; )

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