3:47 EST

Now for those of you who have heard of this band, may know of the still presently circulating rumor. For those of you who are new to the gift that I am about to give you, here’s the deal of what I knew and what I KNOW.


This is their first album, S/T (also known as 3:47 est) on Capitol Records, released in 1976. From what I understand, it was released with red labeled and SUPPOSEDLY also on promo white labeled. I am not really too sure how true that is, I have the red labeled and have only seen this record…mmmm probably 2 other times in my life and ALL were on red label, so I passed on the “double novelty”.

 What I knew, was that for YEARS (and still today for some people) this record rumored to have been a side project of the Beatles, trying to released something secret and protected, merely to cause to question in drama “Is this or is this NOT a Beatles side salad?” and I can see how, because all the credits for publication, composure and productions are released as “Klaatu” with no list of ANY NAMES or pictures on the record!

What I KNOW, for a FACT is that this record had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the Beatles. The band merely wanted to keep low key and wanted no part of the fame or the exposure by the public eye, spinning this web that THEY were the Beatles (incognito). They let this rumor flood the streets for sometime actually. After all they weren’t even the ones who started it, everyone else had and soooo this rumor slipped into their second album too (HOPE again on Capitol, released in 1977 – I am still looking for this one). 

Finally the rumor surface RIGHT before their third album (I’m pretty sure, but if I am wrong…hey I am open for correction!!!!) “Sir Army Suit”  also on Capitol (I think) released in 1978, putting to rest this completely out of control situation, even though some people think that more or less the Beatles posted an agreement, paying them off so that the Beatles could continue on with their secret project. I don’t believe that MYSELF… but to each his own!! Kinda reminds me of something I guess you’d see only in the movies… I love the record because it really makes me feel good, being a housewife and step parent… it’s a TOTALLY great vinyl to spin when you are cleaning up around the house!!!..

Well that’s it for me today… so pull out the dust rags, get cleaning while your playing these cuts!!!!

True Life Hero

Doctor Marvello

Anus of Uranus


2 Responses to “3:47 EST”

  1. So Im on the fence about how I feel about these cuts

  2. Listen to them again and again then… I’m sure you’ll fall on my lawn!!!!!..lololol

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