There’s No Tomorrow

Now, before I go on with anything… I just want to say that my “A.D.D.” (I don’t really have that, it just seems like it at times) has been getting in the way, I keep getting distracted with my actual intention with my posts… I start writing about one thing, then my brain TOTALLY scrambles and I remember that there is ALWAYS something else I want to talk about. Such as life, I guess.

I suppose it’s a good thing, you know what they say “An idol mind is the Devil’s playground”… and we know MY mind is NEVER idol!!! But I really want to focus on BEING FOCUSED for the next couple days… sooo “onward christian soldiers”, actually not in this case by ANY MEANS…

…I give you…


My heart goes out for this record, I was like 4 when this record came out… and I was first introduced to Overkill the summer of 95 (I was 14) when I decide to join this Christian youth group, and this girl Katty (I forgot her last name) was listening to this hardcore thrash band in her walkman. Of course I was already in a deep relationship with rock N roll and metal at this point in my life, I asked her what she was listening to…long story short… I was like .WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA this is “mad good” – an old slang word that I thought I was cool using!!!…

So… Feel The Fire, released on Megaforce Records in 85′ created by drummer Rat Skates, which by the way I TOTALLY recommend you watch his documentary “Rat Skates – Born in The Basement” (it’s phenomenal) who totally went out on a MASSIVE limb to create one of the most and STILL infamous thrash groups. Before Rat left the band in 87′ the four horsemen (Bobby Blitz-vocs, DD Verni-bass, Bob Gustafson-git and of Rat Skates-drums) released four records, “Overkill” 1984,”Feel The Fire” 1985, “Taking Over”early 1987 and “Fuck You” later 1987. I actually got to see them for the first time in 2003 or 2005 with my Husby at the Starland Ballroom in north Jersey, it was great cause they played  mostly the old school cuts… on top of some of their newer releases… Great Thrash Show!!

You better go get yourself a shot of caffeine… and GET READY TO THRASH

Feel The Fire


Kill at Command


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